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Septal panniculitius

Has any one heard of septal panniculitius, my son was diagnosed with it he is 11, for 9 months we thought he had erythemia nodosum, he has several nodules near tibia, and alot of pain in his leg, After 3 biopsys at Childrens Hospital in Detroit, we finally got this diagnosis, its suposed to be an auto-ammunine disease, strikes white, prepubesent, males, no know cause or cure, Detroit childrens has seen 4 cases only , physician says my son should out grow it with puberty, just curiosus if anyone has ever heard of such a thing. Cherie
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Hi Cherie,

Panniculitis is inflammation of the subcutaneous fat. Fat is usually divided into lobules by connective tissue septae  which contains the blood supply of the lobule. Disorders which disrupt the arterial supply lead to a lobular panniculitis while venous disorders lead to a septal panniculitis.

ASide from auto-immune, there are numerous conditions which may also cause a secondary panniculitis. The diagnosis is established by a skin biopsy. Erythema nodosum is one type of panniculitis wherein  red bumps form on the shins, and less commonly the thighs and forearms.

Take care and regards.
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thank you that was very helpful, currently all we are doing is managing his pain . Most days  nothing other than that 400mg motrion, on a few bad occasions he has taken 1 1/2 or 2 tylenol 3s which  Dr. prescribed for ver bad pain days.  thanks again, I am counting blessings that he doe not have cancer,
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Treatment is usually to manage the underlying cause, if known.  Aside from pain medications, systemic steroids help if there is inflammation. Resting and elevating the affected area may also help. Compression hosiery, if tolerated are sometimes used. Keep the area clean and dry. It's very hard for an eleven year old not to do regular activities, but there are plenty of books and games that can be done during these times.

Regards and kisses to your son.
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It is believed erythema nodosum at one point a correct diagnosis, and he was on steroids which  had very bad side effects we tried 2 different kinds, my child was almost physcotic on predisone very sad and scary to see.
He has not played actively in a year no gym , bikes, trampoline, he swims thats about it.I never thought of ted hose for him that is a good idea.
He has had thousands of dollars of blood work done and all we have found is an allergy to mold . He had 2 cases of strep throat before all of this began and one doctor suggested perhaps he had a dormat strep.
He seems to basically be ok now, perhaps he is in remission, he limps a bit now and then, but does not complain of pain., too often.
Thank you for helping Cherie

he was also on massive antibiotics at beginning of this to treat possible underlying strep,
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