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roaring in ear, hair loss, extreme fatigue, new headaches

Hello. I'm 33 years old, mother of two, and in search of answers.

Two years ago in January of 2007 I almost died due to 'dehydration'. My doctor said I just had the flu, however my hair had started to fall out in clumps back in October of 2006 which was accompanied by a very loud roaring in my Left ear. Over the 2006 summer I had broken my pinky toes on both feet (5 times on the left, 7 on the right). I had also just had a baby in May of 2006 (baby #2).

So I disagreed that I 'just had the flu'. The flu doesn't last that long.

The onset of symptoms that sent me to the ER was a sudden body ache, fatigue, pre-syncope espisodes, and very low salt content in my body.

I was told to take salt tablets and see a cardiologist.

The cardiologist said my heart was in perfect shape. An ENT doc gave me an MRI for the ear problem. Everything checked out fine. All my blood tests were 'within the range'.

I saw my chiropractor because of frequent numbness in my upper back and told her of all my other symptoms. She suggested Adrenal Fatigue and had my adrenals tested via a saliva stress index test. My cortisol was found to be at it's lowest in the morning and highest at 5pm. She prescribed me licorice root to boost cortisol, eleuthero to combat fatigue, salt in the morning, and B vits.

After 6 months of this I started to feel great! She retested my adrenals via the saliva test and all was found to be much better. I discontinued everything but the salt on occasion when I felt I needed a boost.

About 3 months ago EVERYTHING has come back with force. The roaring in my ears, my hair falling out, fatigue for NO REASON. I am a very active person and I can't even get dressed in the morning without loosing my breath.

I can't breathe at all. I feel as though my heart is in my throat. I started to take salt again, and felt a little better, but still horrible in comparison to feeling healthy. I started up the licorice and eleuthero again and those help me get through the day without breathlessness and heart in my throat feeling. However, the roaring and hair loss and fatigue seem to be immune to these 'prescriptions'.

I contacted my doctor again, saw a different doc in the office, and she read ALL of my chart...including a letter my cardiologist wrote back in 2007. He thought I had Dysautonomia. Except my primary doc never told me that. Never even read the letter. Or if he did, he never mentioned this. This was 2 years ago!

So now I'm left with thinking I have Dysautonomia and have made an appt with the ONLY specialist in my area. That appt will be in March of 2010. March. Until then I am trying to figure this all out. I'm not sure if it is really Dysautonomia or at what level. POTS? PAF? Neither?

I've started to have headaches in the front. I haven't had a headache in years. And I also have numbness in my upper back and pain in my upper back and neck at times. All these symptoms seem unrelated to eachother, so this is why it has taken this long to figure it all out.

I do feel fantastic when I take salt (1/8-1/4 tsp in the morning, sometimes twice) but I'm not a doctor. I'm not sure if it's what I should be doing or how much I should be taking.

But I get winded when I feel fatigued on a bad day. I can run a 5K on a good day. I feel great on a good day. Some days are good. Most days are bad. And get bad right after 8am.

I have good days during my menstrual cycle. I have the worst days afterward (the rest of the month). I feel as though hormones are playing in with all of this.

My thyroid is 'within the range'.

My adrenals are 'within the range'.

Nothing is NOT 'within the range'.

SO what now?

Any and all comments, questions, information, help will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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Maybe Dysautonomia?
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Have they checked your Free T3 and Free T4 for Thyroid. I know your thyroid level is in range but was that just your TSH level. You are displaying every symptom I had and yet my levels were normal. One month later I found I had a nodule on my thyroid that was causing the problem and my parathyroid gland was enlarged and abnormal. I am hypothyroid now after having my thyroid taken out.
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