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How would you describe yourself? How would the world describe you?

I used to ask a lot of questions and enjoy our community chatting and sharing!  So, I'm back to it!  Please join in and let's get started chatting.  This question is really open ended and for fun to see how you would personally describe yourself.  There is the REAL you inside and I think I'd also like to hear how you think the rest of the world would describe you?  
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Annie, spike that hair and rock that coach purse!  I love those purses!  Off to ebay to check it out!!
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Great deals there. I buy all my clothes on eBay except underpants, and love the pennies-on-the-dollar prices.
Go commando!!!
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SM, is your hair long?  I have you pictured as a little pip of a thing, like AB!!  The blonde hair threw me but not the baseball cap!

Aww Tinkerbell, it was nice to see you respond!  I am 5'8 so i would have to be careful not to step on you!  lol  I love to see how you and your hubby respond to each other.  We lived in the depths of hell so to live like we are now is simply breathtaking.  To finally really love has been such a blessing along with letting someone love me (other than my kids).  It was a huge leap of faith for me and it is wonderful <3
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I love reading all the responses!  And you think you know someone . . . ha ha.  

Me on the outside: quiet (seeming), ready smile, friendly.  But quiet.  

Me on the inside: not quiet.  Ha ha.  Husband said to another couple we were out to dinner with once that "she seems like a mouse on the outside but she is a gorilla in real life".  Now, that wasn't really flattering and he got a major evil eye ball at the time and lecture on the way home but it is a bit accurate.  I am fierce with about the things I care about and the people I love.  And I'll take you down if you cross me.  ha ha.  None of this is  making me look good.  I realize. oh well.  Being honest doesn't always mean looking good.   But more to the point of not quiet on the inside or if you are close to me . . .  I'm a quiet joker.  I see the humor in just about anything at any time and if you are my pal and sitting or standing by me, I will make you laugh.  But I do NOT want to tell a joke to a crowd or group.  

My hair is blonde with help from my hair dresser but in that glowing sun kind of way that only chemical high lights can give you.  :>)   I'm a casual gal but know how to clean up when I need to.  I'm often, however, seen sporting a ball cap a the grocery store and thank goodness for sunglasses to hide that I'm tired a lot.

I seem a bit cerebral but like trashy tv.

I can have a strong opinion but often see the other side just as well.  

I get over being mad or irritated very quickly until it's too late and I write someone off completely.  

I think I can fix "anything".  If I work hard enough, read enough helpful material or blogs, research, try, brain storm, etc. . . . surely I can solve any dilemma anyone has.   This is all good and a lot of people ask me for help but also can be frustrating to those I love.  My kids have recently told me that they don't want to watch anymore Ted Talks, youtube videos or listen to pod casts to improve their lives.  And when I discover I can't fix something?  Well, I hate that.  I don't like to feel like there is no control over things even though I know I have no control over most things on some level.  But if I can find a Ted Talk to give me a nugget of insight to help . . . oh, I will!  

I buy more food than I need and store it.  And I have a survival kit in the basement that would keep us alive under many circumstances for a while.  This is a very odd part of my personality because I'm generally polly anna and semi happy go lucky.  But you never know when the "big one" will hit and we have to survive in the basement for awhile.  lol.  (sometimes I don't even understand MYSELF!)

I'm also quiet silly.  I make dumb jokes.  I act goofy.  I like to laugh often and loudly.  :>))  

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My Husband's 'nick names' for Me describe Me pretty much :

I'm tiny (4'11", 85 lbs) - He calls Me Tinkerbell and guppy
When I'm feeling/acting 'frisky' (often) - He calls Me LeeAnnDria
When I'm singing  (often) - He calls Me LeeAnn Wydell
Since I let My hair grow to My waist - He calls Me GinaLolaLeeAnnDria
My Husband and I work out everyday, so We are Both very fit
I'm Happy beyond belief.
I'm Loved beyond belief and I Love back passionately

My world hasn't always been this JoyFul - for many years My life was filled with anguish, pain and despair - but I would pay that price twice over, to have the life I have now.

It was fun to re-visit after so long and to see names I was once familiar with - dominosarah and AnnieBrook.   I'll look back to see if SpecialMom participated.

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How long have you been married?  :>)  You sound whole heartedly in love.  And that he feels the same.  Good for you!  The names are hilarious.  And you sound way more fit than me . Sigh.  I used to be a work out maniac but then kids happened and food happened and I got older happened and now, I mostly go for really long walks whenever I can.  What do you do to work out with the hubs?
Hi SpecialMom,
We've been Married for 35 years.  It's still 'new' and 'special' for Us 'cuz We never in a zillion years would have thought it would 'come to this'.  We were the Best of Friends for 7 years (strictly platonic) before that.  When We first met We were Both coming out of very painful, very hurtful marriages.  Neither of Us were looking to become involved with AnyOne so We felt 'safe' with One Another.  We spent a lot of time together and  came to know OneAnother very deeply and completely through those seven years  . . . .  and then suddenly Our Relationship went to a 'different' level.   Of course it wasn't 'sudden' but We didn't know that.  We thought We were just 'friends' and then, without warning to us - Our FriendShip was set on fire !!  These many years, We still Both get a sudden feeling of shock to realize how Our FriendShip of so many years took this turn.  We Feel Special Every Day, All Day Long.  Having first made such bad, sad marriages causes You to  Rejoice in each new day.

As for working out.  Walking is good and one day You will have more time on Your hands - walking will prepare You for more later.

We have our own gym in our home with nothing holding us back and it's just something We love doing ToGether.  We have a BowFlex Stair Machine,  a  NordicTrac Incline Machine, a Bow Flex Max Trainer, a Whole Body Vibration Machine, a Resistance Trainer, and We both work out with free weights.  As You can see - We're serious about Our workouts.

I SO enjoyed getting to 'know' You , dominosarah and AnnieBrooke on a more 'personal' level
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If we ever have a MH convention or get together i would walk in and you all would go yep, that is sarah!

Annie, i have you pictured being short, very thin with long dark hair with nice shoes and purse to match!
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Five foot five, sandy hair, presently to the shoulders in an indifferent pageboy. I'm ready to chop it and go spiky. Matching shoes to purse? When I was in law school and had to go to court, maybe. Nowadays I carry a black Coach bag I bought used on eBay years ago, and what the heck ever shoes that will go with jeans. :) Weight is slim, but not thin, and I still have a bit of a baby pooch from 12 years ago's pregnancy. :)
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Except that I had a child very late in life, people would see me on the street and think there is nothing unusual about me. Used to be quite pretty, but with the passage of time, now I just look pleasant. A lot of this appearance-neutrality has to do with being sort of tucked in so I can fit in with the other mommies at my son's school. Left to my own devices, I'd probably dress more like an arty leftist. (Foolish though it would be to look like a leftover hippie who doesn't know the 70s are over, I would probably do it anyway.) But for now my mode is the suburbs. :)

I'm pretty tucked in behaviorwise, too, for the same reason -- my husband is more conservative than I am, and has conservative friends, and I have a 12-year-old. I connect with people via my work ethic and sense of humor, and every now and then someone tells me that they're startled by something I said that they thought was really smart (which they don't expect of someone with a blonde pageboy). When first meeting people, I hardly talk at all. When I know someone well, I probably talk too much.
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Oh my gosh, totally envisioned you as a brunette as dominosarah did!  Why?  Do you think you will let your inner non tucked in self out once your kiddo is not in school with mommies that thwart your wild side?  :>))))  
Actually, I'm sure of it. :) I'll be one of those awful old ladies in shawl and dangly earrings with purple hair.

Maybe the brunette imagery comes because although I was almost white-haired when a little girl and naturally blonde through my early adulthood, by age 40 I started needing to help the blonde along, with highlights. If I were to let them go now, the resulting color is ash, very dull! Still not brunette, though.
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1/2 angel 1/2 devil.  Okay maybe angel is pushing it!!  I am actually a very caring person, passionate about my recovery, my family and helping others find their way out of the hell we call addiction.  I can also be cold as ice.  You mess with my kids or grandbabies and there is a whole new world of hell awaiting.   I am stubborn(or so i have been told!) but i have softened in my years and opened my mind up a bit to try and see the other side.  I am sarcastic and rather hilarious.  I laugh a ton everyday. I am a good employee and get along with just about everyone.  I usually say what is on my mind, sometimes before i think things thru...

How do others see me?  I have a tough exterior as it takes a bit for me to open up.  People know i have been around the block a few times.  Drugs and alcohol take a toll on a person so i have that weathered look and then add in all my tattoos!  One of my coworkers was scared of me when he started.  He said i was the one he didnt want to make mad as he said he just figured i could kick his butt.  I am not a big girl by any means!!  People are surprised when i dress like a girl.  I could go on and on but i think you get the drift
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ha, I love it.  I really can't stand a full angel personally.  I need some devil to keep it interesting and so that I don't feel too bad about myself.  What is your most favorite tattoo you have?  :>)
There are 2....My tattoo with my grandbabies (it is in my pics) and my last one, the breast cancer ribbon with the words "Her battle is my battle"  The main ribbon is pink and gray, the gray for brain cancer my dad had.
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I think people would say I'm nice/kind, stubborn, funny and that some things annoy me easily.

They aren't wrong. I'm probably more introverted than people may realize, but that's probably the only difference.
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I get annoyed that I get annoyed easily sometimes.  :>)  But I can relate.  Introvert verses extrovert . . . I read a book on it one time that made me think introverts are the true power houses in life.  They require no one to be alright.  Extroverts need others to feel good which can make them always 'seeking' verses feeling good 'just being'.  If you know what I mean.  
Yes, that makes sense to me. I'm perfectly fine alone, and in many way, prefer it (though that can depend on the company).

I'm not shy at all, but really need to be alone to recharge.
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