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Am I strange ?!

Guys , these days I feel I'm so strange , I speak very awful like I'm stupid !
Most people think that I'm crazy bc I want to argue with them without any reason .
Also , I think I'm higher than everyone and I treat with people very bad !!!
I don't know what should I do , pls help me If you can understand what am I talking about :(
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Well, if your behavior and habits are alienating you from others and you would like to change that, then change it.  Behavior is a habit.  You may be humbled when people choose not to be around you and frankly, just don't like you.  You may think you don't care but then you become less than those who get along with others, right?  So, find your inner strength to change how you are and how you treat people.  good luck
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Arguing with others for no reason and thinking you are better than others=you don't feel worthy inside.  

Have you ever sought counseling for this?  This could stem from your upbringing or childhood.
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