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Are you a flirt?

There are flirts by birth and those who have to try really hard to flirt.  And there is another group, the anti flirt that do eye rolls when they see 'the dance'.  Some flirt with everyone under the sun and it is innocent, some have ulterior motives, some need a lot of attention, some just enjoy that interaction.  So, are you a flirt? What kind?  Married to one?  What do you think of super flirts?
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No i am not a flirt, nor is my husband.  I find flirts amusing and just sit back and watch all the work involved trying to be someone they arent.  I do know one guy who has major issues with this and the dude really needs therapy!  He stops at nothing to get what he wants.  He acts like he cares about these women, gets them in bed and moves on to the next victim.  It all comes from his insecurities.  The innocent flirting is amusing too as they stumble on their words and look ridiculous putting on this big act!

Now i deal with alot of elderly gentlemen at work and those old boys are smooth i tell ya!  lol  Love that generation!
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I rarely say anything in the flirtatious vein unless I'm teasing someone who is obviously way out of my age range, such as telling a guy my grandpa's age that "A handsome man like you can't go out with his collar all ruched up like that," or suggesting to my 11-year-old "Do you want to hang around and ask her for a date?" when he sees a female classmate. I don't talk like that to guys who I could potentially be flirting with for real. (I guess flirting is not for real, is it?) If you were ever to see me giving broad smiles to someone male actually in my age range, it would mean more than flirting is going on. And that would be trouble!
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Curious about the advice you're seeking from asking this question... is there maybe an issue with flirting in your relationship?

I personally am one of the natural flirts but, I'm never even aware that I'm doing it! I've been accused by boyfriends in the past of flirting with other men, when really I thought I was just talking normally. Apparently I smile too much or my voice changes to slightly higher tones or I laugh more. If you ask me, I'd say it's because I'm more awkward and nervous than wanting to be flirty!!!!

I think I would have an issue if I was dating someone deliberately flirty though. I tend to be more of the jealous type though and I've been cheated on. I wonder if maybe I hadn't gone through those things if flirting would bother me...
That made me laugh, NO , Specialmom is the Community Leader,  (if you were to look back into the Relationship forum) and asks many questions related to ourselves, so we can all get to know ourselves better as well as getting to know each other better. It makes for a tighter Community.
For instance, "So, are you a flirt? What kind?  Married to one?  What do you think of super flirts?" You've said that your boyfriends take offence at your "flirting" and you've said that it's most likely that you're nervous than wanting to be flirty. So maybe it's something you might want to work on, since now you have thought about it. (if it were to help you maintain a healthy relationship with someone you really don't want to alienate or lose).  I always look forward to this Community because of the objective questions that SM asks (even if i don't answer). lol
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Specialmom always asks all kinds of questions on this forum.  Some make us laugh, some make us blush and some make us think.  I look forward to these questions and replies!!!  I think it makes us all tighter too and i like that.  We all bring something to the table~
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