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Being a Good Signicant Other

Do you do things with your partner regularly?  So, question---- is there something that you do with your partner FOR your partner and Strictly FOR your partner because you don't enjoy it?

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You mean like standing outside in the dead of winter  while he is working on the pickup and he needs me to come and apply pressure to the brakes or hold the flashlight while he gets the last bolt or clamp on?  If so then i do not enjoy that.
You mean that's not enjoyable?  Wuss. jk, lol.  I know it's not funny, Sara, but you made me laugh.  

Of course we don't have your Winter's here, but I've certainly been in your shoes before.  
OMG, good SO to sit and help work on the car in winter.  That's definitely over and beyond
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LOL!!  I about froze my butt off last year so i told him i could position the flashlight in his arse, free of charge!!
I like the image!  LOL  He'd need eyes on the back of his head but still . . .   ha
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My husband is a sports nut.  Oh, how hard is it to sit and watch a game with him you ask?  Well, he  believes he knows what everyone should be doing on the court (college basketball, he loves it) or field (college or NFL football, he loves it) and screams at them.  They must ALL be morons at one point or another or at least called this by my darling and oh so charming husband.  He's a nice guy, I swear, but he loses his mind.  And he's loud.  I'd doze off which is what I like to do during sports games on tv but that's difficult with the loudest coach and critic in America sitting next to me.  And if we actually go to a game, I like to spend my time people watching . . . which is not fun really because what I've noticed with his carrying on and loud rants is that OTHER people are people watching US!  (insert emoji with big eyes)
You are so funny, specialmom!  And what a sport you are (no pun intended).   I am So Grateful my husband could care less about sports!  I would go crazy if I had to watch and sit through all that.  You're a great wife!
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Let me add to the list........Thursday night we had tornadoes here and it tore up our town.  We lost power for over 20 hrs at my house.   I  got to spend the day cleaning up the trees that fell in our back yard.  It belongs to my neighbor but that fine gentleman is in prison having himself a vacation.  He doesnt understand that when you are on felony probation for drugs you cant keep doing drugs and pass your UA!!  Part of the tree fell on our yard and the rest on his garage roof.  Now any given wind would of blown the rest of that tree our way so we decided to take care of it.  Anyways, i got the pleasure of going to the tree dump all afternoon...trip after trip after trip.  We arent done yet either.  I have leaves and treedust inbedded in my skin and hair tonight.  I wanted to wash clothes today and clean.  Wanted to paint if there was time but noooooooooo, i was queen of the tree dump!
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My husband ran an errand with me today, though he was mad at me in general and lectured me rudely through the first half of the errand. After which he began enjoying the errand so much that he then cheerfully told me how much fun it had all been, forgetting all the insulting mouthing off he had done in the meantime. The thing I did for him? I refrained from pointing out the jerk things he had said in the first half of the errand. (They were really insulting, like, "We haven't been intimate for 4 years," and "I don't even feel like you like me," and other stuff.) I'm glad it didn't last, but I sure wish he would learn to process his bad moods or just to put a sock in it when he's angry. -sigh-
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Wow - I can identify with both, Sarah, holding the flashlight in the dead of winter while he worked on the car and with Annie and the insulting "jerk" remarks, but not pointing them out to him.

We've been married for 51 yrs, so I've spent many hours standing around holding flashlights, handing him tools, helping bleed brakes, watching movies I don't enjoy, going places I'm not interested in, etc.  

Most recently, I suppose one of the things I've done "only" for him is eating fast food i.e. McDonald's, Hardee's, etc...eeewwww  If it were up to me, I'd never eat at another one, but he loves all the fast food places, so every once in a while I give in, even though I pay for it for a couple of days after.
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