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Child maintenance

When my ex left me for another women we came up to agreement of child maintenance for our two children, he’s was employed and kept up the payments even though he would Complain he has hardly has any  money left after debts etc.. he then became self employed and was late on Payments then couldn’t pay etc, so me being nice I accepted he was struggling and said it was ok. Then March with the lockdown of COVID 19 he said he had no work so still never  received a penny since feb even though he promised he would help support the kids if he could, it’s nearly been 6 months now and nothing. My problem is my ex has been spotted working and he set up his own Carpentry Fb profile Advertising and has had a few jobs ie  kitchen/bathrooms he’s done for his customers, my daughters birthday was March and she didn’t have a lot From him and he promised to take her clothes shopping when he had some money month after was  his girlfriends birthday and he bought her a puppy.   his own mother  said he’s working but not sure if she knows her son hasn’t supported his children for a while. I know he’s working and my gut feeling is he’s earning money but doesn’t want to provide for his kid. his gf seems like she’s always on the want and I believe he’s doing her house up of which he does live in, even though I gave him out family car bk to which he sold for £8000 so should Be enough to do up a rented property. I can’t believe the man I once was with is being like This and I’m too scared to contact him since he left I have panic attacks even if someone mentions his name. My children don’t have a good relationship with there dad as they were pushed out His gf came first and even when they Kids tried  his gf would brag what there dad would Buy for her daughter. I very much appreciate any advice.  
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I'd suggest stop blaming the gf. None of this is her fault, and who knows what he's telling her? She could be the biggest gold digger ever, but it's still HIS choice to give her things over his kids. It's easier to get mad at the gf than him, but you need to be mad at him.

I agree with Annie - get a lawyer. It's really easy to want to be the nice one and not cause a fuss, but your kids need this. They need their dad, even if he has to be court-ordered to see them.
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Talk to a lawyer.
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I mean, seriously. The kids have rights and he is being a deadbeat. It doesn't matter what you agreed in the past, he is presently shielding the fact that he has income and he owes a financial duty to his children. You aren't equipped to fight this out with him because you fall apart and have panic attacks, what you need is a lawyer to handle it and to get a court order that he pay child support.
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