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Did I cheat on my boyfriend?

I’m a girl. I was curious and googled “live sex cams” to see what it was. I didn’t actually go to any websites or do anything. My boyfriend and I have a very great relationship. We’ve talked about cheating. I feel guilty like i cheated, did I cheat? Should I tell him?
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No, don't tell him. You are allowed a little privacy about where your thoughts wander, and if he is no more mature than you are, it might blow up into something that is not in fact worth it to fight over.

Incidentally, if you really are 13, I doubt you should be anywhere near websites like that. You never know where you will leave a trail, on the Internet.

Take care.
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i’m not actually 13, I am 18
If he is near your age, and if you come to him all worried thinking of looking at live porn is cheating, he is not going to be mature enough to shrug it off.  Yet you weren't cheating. Save both of you a lot of trouble, just forget that you googled "live sex cams" and go on with your life.
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Yeah, you should totally tell him. You may be surprised at how glad he is that you told him. It is a good thing that you want to share with him what happened.
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Would you be mad if he did the same?  It sounds like an accident.  I personally don't think porn is cheating.  And live cam's is borderline.  To me, cheating is actually touching another person.  But we all can be curious.  I think you can talk to him about it if you want to but not in the way that questions if you were cheating or not.  I'd make it a funny story. But then he might tell you one of his 'funny' stories and you have a whole new thing to discuss in your relationship.  Which isn't a bad thing.  :>)
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