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Dreams of Ex boyfriend.

Recently for the past couple of months i have been dreaming about my ex boyfriend. me and him were together for about 2 years and we lived together. We ended it on a bad note. I'm in a new relationship now and we have been together for almost a year and let me tell you our relationship couldn't be any better, matter of fact i am currently 6 and a half months pregnant with his kid (:. but latley , my ex has been coming in my dreams EVERY night, that we are together like we never broke up, we are moving into our own house together, even had a dream that i was pregnant with my current boyfriends kid and i was with the ex and he was taking care of the baby instead, and its making me think well what the hell! I Don't ever think about him during the day, he broke my heart and i'm completely over him and moved on. i want nothing to do with him. buti can say the only time i do think about my ex is when i wonder if he is ever thinking about me and wondering if he thinks he made a mistake or just even thinks about me at all. that may be the problem but any suggestions would be wonderful in why this keeps happening. But m,y ex was a big part of my life. He was my first true love too.
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I think you got it figured out, as you are consciously thinking about him and wondering if he is thinking about you. You most likley have unresolved issues with you ex and comes out in your dreams. I have the same thing and believe most of us dream of our exes
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I agree with life, most have dreams of an.ex. I have been with my now husband for almost 7yrs and we just had our first baby girl. My ex from high school still pops up in a dream from time to time. Like were together and stuff. And I like never talk to him
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You've been wondering about your ex and dreaming what it could have been like for you had it worked out, i think this is natural. I still dream and think about my late husband , 16 years later. At least the dreams your having are positive and not negative. believe me, that would really ruin your day. Maybe it's a way for your mind and heart to heal from the bad breakup?
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