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Ex boyfriend's behaviour is confusing me

My boyfriend and I split up on Jan the 17th. It was a mutual split and we ended the relationship due to my ill health and him being unable to understand what I have to do to get well again.
We were together for just under 12 years and we rented an apartment together. We had no children.

I haven't been tearful, upset, angry or sad, in fact I got on with my new home with my parents very well. I help my mum who is disabled around the house and I do shopping for them. I also look better, have bought a new car and am looking forward to starting a new career in health care.

2 weeks ago I texted my ex to tell him that I still had a discount card that he might have needed. He said it was fine in that he didn't need it and he asked me how I was. We had a friendly conversation through texts and he emailed me saying he wants us to be best friends because we have always gotten on so well. He even sent me emails when I didn't reply to his, and he told me his mum has been calling him twice a day to see if he's okay.

I called him during the weekend and told him how much better I feel and  in the middle of the phone call he said he was sorry for not supporting me and I thought that seeing as it's my birthday soon and my family are taking me out somewhere nice it wouldn't hurt to ask him out for a drink in a cafe in town as friends. He said he'd like to do that and my mum and dad are now planning to make me pretty for that day so that I would meet my ex to in their words let him know what he's lost.

I'd like to think my family are well intentioned and they have my best interests at heart but I don't understand why they're planning to make me look nice and I'm actually nervous. Any ideas as to what I should do?

Thank you
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"I'd like to think my family are well intentioned and they have my best interests at heart but I don't understand why they're planning to make me look nice and I'm actually nervous. Any ideas as to what I should do?"....................

How old are you?  

You should have a say about this.............if you don't want to be all dolled up for this man then don't.  Tell them thanks but you don't want that.  

To be honest I am not sure what your question is.  Is it about how you should handle your ex or how you should handle your family or are you confused about your ex's intentions?

Let me ask you this...............What are your intentions?  Are you looking to rekindle this romantic relationship?  Are you looking for friendship with him?

Sounds like you want him back as a bf.  Reason why I say this is because you texted him about a discount card and if he really needed it he would of contacted you or gotten another one.  
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You are 26 years of age, you were with your boyfriend for 12 years.

You do not have to meet him at all and tell your parents that if that is what you want.

You can always arrange to meet up with your boyfriend another time and not on your birthday.

It is up to you to let your parents know how you would like your birthday to be spent.
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Agee with londres and I'm not really sure about the point of the meeting.  I'd personally cancel it.  I see nothing but anxiety to come from it and your parents reaction is odd to me.  I'd tell him no thanks and move on.  good luck
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Agree with Jemma too.   No reason to spend your birthday (or any day) doing this.  Be firm.  good luck
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