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If movies can show nude women, do you think they should show more fully naked men?

I hate always seeing naked women.
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I am not all that interested in seeing naked man or naked women in movies. Neither offends me more than the other. Nor do I want to see one in place of the other. When my kids are watching movies and all the sudden there's nudity, it's awkward. But I see your point there was definitely a lot of women and their breasts exposed or  their butts well you really don't see a lot of full frontal nudity of man. We see their chest but were used to that so it's really vagina versus penis and how much we see. and  we don't really see a lot of either of those thankfully.  it's just that breasts are sexualized for women and they aren't for men. I guess we can check ahead of time now if there's nudity and skip it if there is?
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If nudity is in a movie, it's almost always gratuitious and almost always the woman, not the man, who is forced to do it. It rarely forwards the story or is a plot point, it seems to be usually because some horndog producer or director put it there to expose the woman's body. I don't care to watch nude scenes in movies unless they are an integral part of the plot (I can think of two or three times where someone's nakedness was part of the joke in a movie). But in most movies the woman is the uncovered person and it does not have anything to do with the plot, it's just there so male viewers can see what someone looks like naked.

This power imbalance in being able to keep covered is actually pretty common in other places, too. Look at the Olympics. Apparently, I don't know if it is the ruling body or some horndog judges or what, but someone has decreed that women must show much more than men. In beach volleyball, men wear normal-looking running trunks but women wear tiny little ride-up-the-cheek pants, or even ice skating, where women's costumes ride up their rear cheeks while they skate and twirl showing off their crotches. I find it pretty offensive from a sexism/perv/male domination point of view. If women have to compete in nearly nothing, but men don't, who is setting the rules?
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Movies make me mad in general with their gratuitous throw ins.  The unnecessary foul language, the sexual innuendo, the full blown sex!  I know, I sound like I am 100 years old. But my older son is a real movie buff.  Loves them.  So, he wants to see what the Oscar nominee movies are and watch what he can!  Even movies that are mostly kid movies 'go there' a lot of the time.  I don't get it.

I don't know what the answer is.  The Me Too movement really has revealed a shady side of Hollywood.  But I don't think it will change any time soon.  
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Yep.  I don't want to see anyone naked,  either.  No matter the gender,  or age.  
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We no longer have kids in the house, however, my husband and myself usually turn of or forward through sex scenes in movies as neither of us are into soft porn. We wouldn't search it out to watch it, and it's awkward for us both to have it forced on us when watching movies. We watched a movie the other day that had no sex interest whatsoever - it was noticed and it was welcomed to see a film that did not feel the need to include romantic or sexual interest in the film.

During the 90th Oscars, Francis McDorman said "I have two words for you - "Inclusion Rider". and behind the scenes she noted that it meant "Everyone that does a negotiation on a film, an inclusion rider means that you can ask for and/or demand at least 50 percent diversity, not only in casting but also the crew." There are SO many people that do not have a romantic partner in their lives for long periods of time, and i would think ti would be hard on them to have to see what amounts to  romantic or sexual content in every single drama they watch. I hope that in the new climate of the "Me Too" movement (ending sexual harassment of women ") the entertainment industry might also recognize that consistent sexual content and romantic relationships are not an absolute necessity as it does not reflect any relevance for many viewers in part or wholly in their adult lives.
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I think you all are right, especially about the me too movement but also about the sexist way women are portrayed in movies and sports. But the question is would you want to see more male nudes in movies if there are female nudes. Well, I think if they insist on having female nudes then yes I say males need to show full frontal nudity. LOL and not just butt shots, LOL.  It should be equal, that is my point. I think some of this was really shown in Game of Thrones on the TV series. I prefer not to have too much sex in movies unless it is within the plot of the movie as you all said, and it really seems to indicate whether the movie is going to be any good when the first thing they show in the movie is a hot sex scene. Then the movie usually goes down hill from there. Back to Game of Thrones, here is a spoiler section if you ever intend to watch or read it don't read this. I got the book to compare it to the show and so far it has no sex in it except a couple of very small mentions . So what T.V. producer decided that the book wasn't interesting enough so the first three series had to have sex in almost every episode and what looked like to me anal sex? I am not embarrassed by seeing this stuff and I know they made a point in the series on T.V. that the "prostitutes" were the ones that got the anal. But it seems to be obvious some jerk put it in to excite the male audience with violence and sex. Apparently, the author didn't think this was necessary. There were a couple of scenes in the T.V. show that had male frontal nudity. But it seemed to be a free for all in that it was just graphic in every way (violence and sex). Why did I get the book? I guess curious and also just that the story line itself is good if you like fantasy stories and I do.  Anyway, that is my 2 cents. I think since people have migraines and seizures that there is too much flashing lights also. I can't watch most of the movies these days due to that as well. They say they put in all that flashing to excite the younger crowd because they get board and it excites their brain, well that can't be good. So they put more and more of it.  I get migraines from it. I watch the older movies and T.V. shows and it is much easier to tolerate. I can't stand it. Have they really cut art and the theater that much? The same goes for designs in clothes, blah. Everything is cut to the same design no matter which brand.

Great and Interesting point about the lighting and noise causing seizures.
Thanks! I have a lot of trouble with the lighting and migraines. Ugh.
Congratulations on being the Community Leader in the Infectious Disease Community. It's good to have your opinions here :) Have a good one!!
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People go crazy over the 50 shades movie.  I watched about 5 minutes of it and he had her tied up whipping her.  That was enough for me.  There is a difference between pleasure and pain in my world!!!!

As for the original question....Yep, whats good for the goose is good for the gander!
dominosarah, I totally agree. I can't watch 50 shades. It would turn me off. I get being curious but why would someone watch the whole thing? One would have to like that sort of thing. I have enough chronic pain that I don't need any more inflicted on me, LOL. Pretty crazy. Yes I agree about equality. So the goose and gander is a good analogy.
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