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Importance of partner's earning potential wealth when you started dating?

Since a really big thing that causes a lot of strife in a relationship is money issues, how important was your partner's ability to earn income (and how much) or their wealth to you?  Did it factor in at all?  
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Sheez, this was a long time ago, so I'll have to think. When we were first dating, I would say the appeal (in regard to financial issues) was that my husband had his career already in place. He had an MBA and was in his early 30s, had an earnings track record and was obviously never going to slack off or be irresponsible. I had never dated the opposite (no guys who sat around on the sofa and whined about life), but his being a solid citizen and financially responsible was nice.  

It was a little harder after we got married, because he owns his own business. Especially in times of economic downturn, it doesn't matter how good you are at what you do, there is the feeling it all could go tomorrow. In one tough time for the economy, I started getting panic attacks because so many factors out of our control ruled whether or not the business could keep its doors open. We've never fought about money, though. Just worried about it. It's been a stressor on me in that way, and still is, because I don't know how much we will need for retirement and have the sneaking feeling we haven't saved enough. Have you ever done one of those "How long you have to live" calculators online? When I did it, my first reaction was, "We aren't going to have enough money to live on all those years if we can't keep working." That's stressful.
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I never dated or married a man who didnt work but money has never been a deciding factor with me.   We will never be wealthy but we will be happy with what we have.
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