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Internet Dating.

Any advice to create a great profile for Internet dating? Weeding good from bad prospects?
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I'm not so sure yet Pamela, but I'll be happy to listen to how when you find out
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Is this for you Pam?
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Be completely honest,  and post a current picture.  

And don't go out with a guy who doesn't have transportation,  a home of his own (and that can include a house with roommates,  a rented apartment,  etc.  Just don't go out with a man over 30 who is still living with his parents or is homeless).

Don't go out with a guy if you have to pay the whole fare.  Splitting 1/2 is fine.

Don't go out with a guy who is "between jobs".  That means unemployed,  very likely for the long term if he is looking to date while he has no job.  

Basically what you want is a guy who has a home he pays for,  has a job,  has transportation,  and isn't looking to immediately leach off you.  Also a guy who is sweet and doesn't say negative things about women and his past with women in his profile.    
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Hopefully this isn't for you Pam.  As a married woman, a profile for dating  might not be the wisest decision.  :>)

So, hopefully this is advice you need for a friend.  
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Agree with SM.
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I too agree with SpecialMom
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Uh Maxy, this is not for you for sure. Thought you are happily married.
Doesn't work for me at all. tried about three times and gave up.
Seems to me that most of the man there are bonkers.
I found out that the best category is 'dating but nothing serious' as if you go for 'seeking serious relationship ' uhh oh... :(
I think I should write a book about internet dating. It was a disaster.
Occasional smoker smoking 30 a day lol
Another one tried to impress me by his knowledge about WW 2 lol Would rather talk about Swedish House Mafia (Music) lol
Etc etc etc
Waste of time for me. However you know that I am one of the kind.
It worked for a friend of mine - they are together for 6 months now.
It really needs a thick skin. I got messages like this black child on pic is yours? Og [email protected]@k .. etc. (I am white and father is African).
Good luck!!!! ;) xxx
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Thanks Marie. My girlfriend is here in Costa Rica & asked me to help her with profile for Internet dating.
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Thanks!!  Didn't even dawn on me that someone with no job would be looking to date.  You are totally right though!! You rock. Rose.
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Oh, relieved this is for a friend.  LOL. Knowing you are married, I didn't know why you were asking about internet dating.  Would always suggest someone fix the issues in their relationship and if they can't, divorce before dating is even considered.  So, would have given you that advice if it was for you.  

But since it is not . . .

Rockrose gave you good advice.  I personally am not a fan of internet dating.  People can post anything.  I think it is better to become active in things you enjoy doing and meet someone through that interaction.  I also think you have to be careful on the internet with dating as many will misrepresent themselves.  good luck
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