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Is my chiropractor flirting or just being nice? I’m 24 he’s 34

Ok so I was referred to go to a chiropractor cause I was having a stabbing burning feeling in my lower back from a car accident I was in and at first nothing happened but I said that I felt old and he asked how old I was  and I told him then I turned it around and asked how old he was and he told me he also told me what month his birthday is in and then I noticed the next appointment he helped me sit up and I can sit up on my own it just takes a second to do so and he has been helping me up every appointment I’ve had and after he’s done cracking my neck and he’s rubbing Biofreeze on it when we are kinda talking he massaging it to talk to me and then continues and I have two tattoos and one of them is a little below my collar bone and he must have been looking hard at it to ask me what it says and we have talked bout getting more tattoos his dog and how old it is and he even told me that he is the oldest of 6 siblings and idk if that’s normal for a doctor to kinda tell me slightly personal information and show me a tattoo on his shoulder blade and tell me what his meaning behind his sleeve tattoo is?
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I think that many doctors make chit chat to make their patients more comfortable.  If you have a vibe that wonders if he is flirting, then don't go back.  Find a different one.  It's a breach of trust and he could lose his license.  But in general, chatting and sharing some birth details is not strange in this environment.  
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Are you saying you like it or don't like it? If it creeps you out, ask for a recommendation to another chiropractor and go to that one instead and don't bother to explain. If you like it, you might be tempted to encourage it at some level, and he has a professional code of ethics to live up to and could get into trouble for inappropriate behavior with a patient. So, don't go there trying to get into a flirtation or you could cause trouble for someone you really actually like. If you like it and don't mind finding out his intentions, you could talk to him at your next visit and ask for a referral to another chiro, and just tell him you find him personally attractive and would prefer to only have a professional relationship with any treating doctor. Then the ball is in his court. But don't be his patient and start seeing him romantically. When the romance comes in the door (if it does), you go out the office door and don't come back in it.
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