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Its been some time...but im BACK!

Ok, I cannot stand her, you know who im talking about right. She has a great heart but despite her good heart and giving ways.....she drives me up a wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She goes......I've got the 1st 3rd and 5th birthday. and I said just like this "Excuse me" with a bit of an attitude. Since I had my son I don't keep my mouth shut. Just like she wanted to do invitations I said no your not. and me and BF did them. She just wants control over everything.

Now its the cake!!!!!!! THE FRIKKEN CAKE. WE were SUPPOSED to go together but she went to the store with her cousin/friend to get their nails done...but I KNEW her real intent.
She calls me up saying "I found it" im like what? She goes the cake, im like okay what? and she goes they'll do it like this......and i said I'm sorry what do you mean cupcakes like this. (A design) She's says "WHATS wrong with you today, are you in a FOG?" LIKE WTF and I could hear the bakery guy in the background. So, she's like we have to get back to him by MON. I'm like OK.

Why does she have to make me feel stupid!!!!! I get it, I just never heard of what she was talking about.....its a new kind of cake their doing now.

Anyway, She has the nerve to tell me that people are going to find me as disrespectful. UM WHAT. I'm a grown woman talk to me like one not like im stupid

And #1 that is MY SON! and yes I don't have an income at the moment so yes she's paying for it.....so I have tons of guilt........but I start work in my own home beginning JULY 12th THANK GOD.

I didnt work for that exact reason that I did not want HER to take care of him. CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL.

I'm beyond aggravated.
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Hi Anxiousgurl, I don't know who 'she' is?

Is she your mom or your MIL? Is she the new partner of your ex with whom you share a child with?

If you write who this women is you probably get more opinions!

Best wishes,
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Hi.  Ya know what-------------  my sons have no Grandmothers and I crave for someone like that to love and dote on my child.  You are missing the big picture due to your insecurity.  

She loves him and is being generous and kind.  

good luck and happy birthday to your son.

Whoever 'she' is.
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MIL - I think your missing the point (no offense) She hands everything to her kids they never have to work for much. When they say no they mean yes. He is VERY lucky to have her as a mother she is just very critical. I'm sorry I even made this post.

My son is lucky to have her, and i would never talk bad about her to him, or take him from her......however, why can't I have a say in my own son's bday. She acts like I can, but then turns around basically saying her idea is better. I'm just tired of it. to the point i have no one to vent to because I don't want anyone to not like her. Because she is different around other people. Then, when she's comfortable she'll say something like for example "Your going out like that" (Sweats and a regular shirt) Just to go to the grocery store or "You look like your getting heavy" Now I'm skinny so she can't say anything but one day I went out with her and she looked me up and down saying what I was wearing wasnt "flattering" on my body!

I just need to let it roll off my back for my son's sake, but its getting really OLD. fast. When she was like"Whats wrong with you are you in a fog?" That really got to me......sorry had to vent...........I know im lucky she's just stressful most of the time. She's like Raymond's mom from Everyone loves raymond
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Well, feel free to vent!  That is always okay to do and this is a safe place to do it.  

I think mother in law's (and mom's sometimes) can really be frustrating and we have good days and bad days dealing with them.  

In the end, she provides lots of love to your son which I know you appreciate---------  I miss that for my own boys!  Doesn't mean she can't be annoying------  but her interest and love of your child is a blessing.

For the record, when my mother in law was alive----------- she got under my skin too.  Amazing how you miss those annoying people in our life when they are gone though!  

Hang in there-----------  and hope the day is a good one.  Oh . . . and since this is your mother in law, can your husband nicely say to her "X (your name) really wants to pick out the cake.  Make sure she is part of it!!"  He should be able to help you a bit with that.  good luck
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