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Leaving my husband

I have been with my husband for 14 years and have a son who's 5.
We have been through alot over the years, and my husband has not been very supportive or loving towards me, apart from when he wants sex.  Our sex life doesn't exist I dread it everytime if we do have sex together, I can't bear to have sex with him because of the lack of support and emotion in our relationship.
My husband wasn't happy living over in the U.K so i finally agreed to move to the U.S.A after the relentless pressure from him but i came back home to the U.K a month ago as I have decided I want a life on my own with my son.
I have been in contact and seeing an old friend I grew up with, who years ago had a teenage relationship with, he is in a similar suituation as me his wife has left him to live in the U.S.A (he doesnt love her anymore), He cares about me & appreciates me, we also have very similar interests and like the same things, I suppose this is because there is history and memories.
I am 95% sure that I want to leave my husband, this friend has no influence on this as we have both disscussed that we will take things slow and we both dont want to rush into a relationship as we are both coming out of one.
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You need to do what you have to do but if this old friend has nothing to do with your decision why did you mention it? If you are not happy in your relationship make sure that is what is influencing you and nothing else.
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Yes, I agree.  You have a child.  If you decide to divorce your son's father, he should be your sole focus for a time.  That is my honest opinion.  Sometimes it isn't about us and your boy is very young.  You should not bring a new man into his life so quickly especially overlaping your marriage.  And the man you are interested in is in the same situation.  If you don't take some time to examine why your marriage fell apart and honestly look at what YOU had to do with that-----  you are sure to repeat the same pattern.  That is why the rate of divorce in second marriages is astronomical.  I'm not saying you should never have a man in your life again but now is not the time in my opinion.  You also need to think about the logistics of a father across the ocean and how you will make sure that your son still sees him and maintains a close relationship.  Very important to a boy.  goodluck
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I don't think you love your husband anymore, because if you did, you would have at least ask for marriage counseling, which we all recommend, but it looks like you have your eyes set on someone else, which means you have infidelity in your heart. If you don't love your husband anymore and counseling won't help, then divorce, before getting involved in an adulterous relationship and please consider the consequences to both families and innocent children. Also, be forwarned that the grass sometimes is not greener on the other side. Good luck.
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I've been married 13 years and I dont love my husband anymore.  We have 2 kids 10 & 8.  Recently the love of my life came back and found me.  My husband is a good provider but money is not everything.  My boyfriend wants me to come be with him and I want to go but how do I leave? My mom says I need to work on my marriage but I'm done working.  What should I do?
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