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Moving out for a while.

I didn't know what to put this under (and if there is a more correct forum to put this question in, tell me).

Anyway, i have a very good home life, and my parents are good to me, my siblings, and each other. But my uncle with SEVERE down syndrome - developmentaly delayed - moved in with us because of an emergency. He affects me so much that when he is in a room, i can't bear to be in there, either. so, im skipping meals because he hangs out in the kitchen, and I can't do my homework because I have to watch him.

I have a really good friend who lives close by, and she said I'm welcome to live at her house until my family finds a good developmentlaly delayed home for him. Is this a good idea? (My parents would be ok with this btw. I'm 15)
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I think you need to talk to your mom about how you feel and come to some kind of compromise. Let her know how uncomfortable you are with the situation. Moving out may or may not be the answer, but from where I sit it will just make your resentment of the situation more intense.
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He tends to invade my personal space, and will forget who I am.
He also will forget certain articles of clothing ... like his pants ... (He has alziemers (sp?) disease by the way) and walk around in his underwear or worse. naked. :S

I think it's harder for me because he is the son of my "adopted" grandparents. They are really just good friends of my mothers. But they have no one else except us, which is the only reason he's here. Also, my whole life I feel like my mom has given more attention to the needy (I have a family backround of mental diseases) of our family then me. I guess this was just the final straw.

Thanks for your comments!
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It's really important to opened minded and open hearted toward the disabled, especially if he is your uncle. If you can just look past the physical appearance and treat him with dignity and respect, everything will be fine. It is just a temporary situation and I'm sure he is aware of how you are treating him.

In other words....just be nice and go about your life. Tolerance is something you will have to learn, because people everywhere are very diverse.  It's going to be ok...just be nice and respect him...Judy

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If it is only for a little while, I don't see a problem with this, what is it in particular about your uncle that disturbs you, I have meet a number of people with down syndrome as I used to work for a charity that assisted people with disabilities, I found that there personalities differed.
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