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My gf told me she's pregnant & she had take i-pill within 12hrs

My gf had too much physical relations with approx 10 boys. Probably i'm 11th man. We had sex on 13th November , on that time she take i-pill with in 12 hrs. And i know very well because i put i-pill on her mouth. after few days i know from my friend that she's relationship with another boy since 15 years. And i didn't know about that. And knows all her past approx 8 to 10boys. So i broke up with her. But after 20 days she told me that about pregnancy. I told her just check with help of pregnancy strip, she checked and shown result positive. But didn't send me photo of strip. Then i suggest her to go clinic and check, after 2days she informed me that in clinic there is positive report. But didn't send me report of positive pregnancy. Now she blackmailing me for marriage otherwise she filed case against me. And currently i don't know is pregnancy information is correct or harassment ? Right now she is not picking up my call or never meet in any circumstances. So what should i do ?
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Do you want to marry her?

Talk to a lawyer.  It sounds like she is either inventing the pregnancy or if she really is (and you have no proof) that she does not know who the father is.  You deserve proof. and should also get a DNA test before you go further with her. If the baby is from you, marry her if you want to marry her, but in any case be a man and pay for child support, but you need absolute proof from a lab that she is pregnant, and that the baby was from you.  Don't marry her until you know that.  (Unless, of course, you actually do want to marry her no matter who the father is.)
Your lawyer can guide you about how to get the necessary proof.  You should tell her to contact the lawyer, and give her the lawyer's phone number.
If lawyer and both family knows about that matter, then both family reputation destroyed in city. And she not to ready talk with me, so how can i get proof of pregnancy ? Right now her bf contact me regularly about solution, and yesterday i knew that she is not ready to take any pill, so that means she directly challenge revenge on me. I've very enough proof of her relationships with another guys, but because of family reputation i can't go to lawyer.
And i don't want to marry her, because she is totally lier and not loyal with me when we were in relationship.
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I can't tell where you live,  but what does it mean when you say she'll "file a case against you"?
I'm from India. And case against me that means she want to filed a rape case on me.
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Hi.  In the US, you'd be within your rights to ask for a paternity test before anything else could happen.  Is that a possibility.  What can she have you thrown in jail for?  Until you know that child is yours, I'd say you don't have to do a thing--- especially marry her.  You worry about her family's reputation but remember, they have no problem ruining yours.  Marriage is complex---  don't get bullied into doing anything like that!  The baby might be the other guys--- but it could be yours, right?  Or are you sure it is not?  

I'd let her know that you will take no action until there is a paternity test.  Is that possible where you live?
I'm from India. And you are right, i don't know about baby's father, may be mine. But still she don't want to show any proof of pregnancy like report or strip. And continuously blackmailing me  
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It sounds like you have text messages or emails (however you have been communicating with her) that would indicate she's blackmailing you,  and wants to marry you - not the behavior of a woman who has been raped.

As hard as this is,  I think you should lay low.  When her bf (best friend?  surely not boyfriend) contacts you,  act neutral and not aggressive.  At this point  it seems unlikely you could act surprised and deny having sex with her - you've been in too much communication to deny it now.
Yes i've recording and chats. and right now her bf supports her to filed rape case against me. don't know what to do ? any way thanks. let's see what happened
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Sounds like a tricky situation.  I agree with rockrose that you should lay low.  I would not marry her.  Blackmailing you sounds like something you should try to keep record of.  Tape her when she calls and keep any written communication.  Tell her that when she's had a paternity test, if it is yours, you'll decide the next step.  Don't allow her to frighten you into a bad decision.  good luck
Thanks, right now her bf currently supports her to filed rape case against me. don't know what to do ? and i've enough evidence of her past relationship, so i can not marry her in any circumstances. another thing pregnancy proof didn't show me. let's see what happend  
Would there not need to be evidence for those charges?  Do you not have the blackmailing texts or messages?  And it is odd that her boyfriend is supportive of her blackmailing you to marry her.  How does he fit into the picture if you two are married?  Sounds like a scam to me.  Hold strong and do not be afraid.  Any chance a lawyer could be contacted for consult on this?
What you should do is see a lawyer in another city, if you are so afraid that even speaking to a lawyer locally will ruin your family's reputation.  I can't imagine that someone blackmailing you and you having the proof of the blackmail will ruin your family's reputation.  You need a wise counselor, not just to take counsel of your own fears.  You will box yourself in by fears and imaginings if you don't get some level-headed legal advice.

By "bf," do you mean best friend or boyfriend?
I've text messages of blackmailing and her bf ( boyfriend ) supports her because that girl regularly pay money from her salary to her bf. That's why her bf supports in any situation. Whether that girl right now pregnant or not ?  Girl and bf tried always avoid proof of pregnancy matter. Like she shouted loudly, you don't have any idea what will i do with you ! In abusive languages, so i can't forcing them to show me proof of pregnancy.

And in another city i met lawyer personally
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She is living with or supporting a boyfriend and you are worried that something she says will ruin your family's reputation?  Talk to the lawyer in the other city again if this is worrying you.  She would not have a case.

If she is really pregnant, she should send you proof.  Your lawyer can write her a letter to that effect.

Also, at least in the United States, lawyers are barred from telling tales about their clients.  It might be that such laws exist in India too.  Meaning, you might not need to be so concerned that if you consult legal counsel in your own city your family's reputation would be ruined.

Certainly don't give her any money in response to blackmail attempts.  Write out a log of everything that has happened, in chronological order, and mail it to the lawyer you have consulted.  That will be a record, and not accessible to her side in case of a legal fight because client communications are privileged.

I would also suggest seeing a therapist or counselor in the other city, just to have someone to talk to about all of this.  It will help you see that the situation is more one of her conning you than you really having a serious issue.

Obviously if she is pregnant (and it really doesn't sound like she is) and if the baby is from you, you will need to pay child support.  But the rest of it, a lawyer and a counselor will help you see, is all just bombast.
You are right, but in our case if i'll prefer lawyer and she knows about that, so case will be go in another situation. Like her bf and girl ready for filed rape case against me. That's  why i didn't  contact any lawyer for help, because I'm  damn sure she will ruined my family reputation  and her bf definitely  supports her in this step. If I'll  go in another city to suggest lawyer but what's  the next step ! Till now I'm  not sure about her pragancy.
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So.  Her "boyfriend" is good with her trying to force you to marry her?  

I really don't think I understand this situation.  
Right now scenario  is total different. Her bf convinced her to take abortion because its 37days. So her bf and doctor communicate each other, and her bf and girl wants private treatment. So there is no any proof of sign or cctv footage. So 1 doctor ready for that privacy, but her bf told me charges of doctor is 6000$. If girl go to any clinic and give them sign like fake name. So its also possible in 200$. But her bf clearly against this and right now they want urgently  solution. How can i trust cheater gf and her bf ? And till now dont know about pragancy actually  happened or not ? My mind is totally down, what should i do ? Dont know
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patelpriyank,  is there an adult you trust to tell this situation to - an uncle,  father of a close friend,  etc., who can help you make sense of this?  Everyone here trying to give you advice are in the US,  and so we're handicapped by a lack of information about how your court system and social/communities work. I think you need guidance from an older person who can help you sort this out - it's really hard for me to imagine she could get away with filing a rape case on you when you have proof that she's trying to blackmail you with marriage,  and it's unlikely she's pregnant.  And now she's trying to blackmail you for 6K for an abortion.  I don't think you necessarily need a lawyer,  you need someone who is older and mature.
Yeah you are right, i should suggest someone who is older and mature.
Sir. Right now her bf blackmailing for 4000$. He told me that we can't  give you proof of pragancy but trust us. We will be solve pregnancy by abortion in clinic. Also we can't tell you clinic address. Because of future aspects. And girl don't want to talk or meeting with me in any circumstances because her bf strictly warning her not to talk with me.
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