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Need help with Relationship and what to do now????

Well, first off, I am 16 years old and I have a boyfriend who is 17 this year. We have been going out for about 1 year and 2 months and are in love.
I know many people would say that a 16 year old cannot be in love, but I get butterfly's everytime I see him or think about him and when he holds me, I cannot hear anything else but him.
So, we are very commited, but the problem is that I think we are doing too many sexual acts together every since about 4 months into the relationship and my bf agrees. (still virgins and staying that way for another year)
So, I want to know how to keep him interested and what other things we can do together other than being very intimate.
We have gone to the movies together too many times so thats off the list.
Can someone give me a list of things we could do together, that is free, not stupid little things like write poems or something....
Fun things to do, that teenagers would do and that we would both enjoy.
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Ebony,  I don't think anyone says 16 year olds can't be in love - they absolutely can.  I think what people say is that as you grow and change,  it's unlikely you'll be together for a lifetime.  Passionate love fades,  and if you're as young as you are,  it's likely when the "in love" stage goes away (after about 3 years) you will still have enough in common to continue your relationship.

I don't know about where you live,  but here there's a LOT to do that's free.  Lakes and rivers,  you can volunteer to walk shelter dogs on the hiking trails,  free hillside theater,  free band,  orchestra,  choir concerts during the school year (which are actually fun,  really)  look in your local paper for things to do and every day there are great things to do.  
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ay ma im 16 and i  know what your saying about being in love. but i also do agree with you never can really be sure at our age, but if u feel that way then good for you (:
and about the no sex thing gooood choice. i gave in to my boyfriend about 5 months in. and i regret it at times. because i was only 15 and he was 17 and didnt know what i was getting into. now i feel thats all he wants from me. and i learned that he wasnt even loyal to me. and now im scared if i dnt give it to him .. he wil go lookin for a random girl to. soo be sure hes wont end up  like that.

as far as other things to do maybe just like  (bare wit me it might sound corny) but u should spend this year really getting to know your boy and see if he truly is worth having sex with. since the movies are out of the question. go to the zoo? lol or the park or  concerts quality time doing anything should be enough for a boy who loves u. because i learned this too late but a boy who isnt happy with just chilling with you..isnt reallly in love. because when u love a person all u want is them. it doesnt always have to be sexual
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