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Should I break up with her??

Well I am entering my first year in college and my girlfriend is doing the same thing. We are going to schools 6 hours apart and she is playing a sport there. We've been dating for 5 months but we've been best friends forever. I know everything about her as she does of me, we have actual life conversations and stuff. It's not like a normal highschool relationship. When we agreed to start dating, I was adamant on no long distance relationship. But that was before how I felt now as she does too.  
There's nothing wrong with our relationship. We have great communication and we have a ton of similar interests and beliefs. She's perfect. I just feel like if we break up we she will be the "one that got away" and I don't want to lose her. I also can't think about her with anyone else. We talked and she felt the same way. We both love each other. And we both are committed to each other.
I just have no idea whether a long distance thing can work? She can't come see me in the fall because of her sport. I only can. I don't know if the distance will tear us apart.
I don't want to try a long distance thing and have it end badly and then lose the girl forever. We both see each other dating again in the future when were together. Just what we think.
She's my first love and for her I'm her first everything. I don't want to throw that away because we won't try long distance, but we won't see each other months at a time, and it's college. I don't know if I'm clinging one the past because she's safe and I'm afraid to go into the unknown...
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Hi, the way you describe your relationship, i dont see why being separated would negatively affect your love and wanting to be with eachother. I sense your a bit insecure in her being away from you.
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I have tried and failed at a couple of long distant relationships in college. It may work to begin with but chances are with the distance it is going to be tough. Not saying it can not work or will not work but it is tough. You will have friends and she will have friends and you will be doing different things at different times. And the last thing either wants to do is cheat.

So I think this is something where you and her should sit down and have a nice long talk about.
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We've had the conversation and she just "doesn't know" but she says she wants too. My biggest issue is thinking of us breaking up that we will drift apart over time and not see each other
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If You are 'committed' to one another, well then, 'distance' won't change that.  

One doesn't stray from a commitment because there is distance.  If one strays it will be because one is not as committed as they believe themself(ves) to be right now.
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