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Time off, what's your preference

So, when you have time off or down time, what do you prefer?  Do you like to veg and relax or are you active and wanting to socialize and run around?  

Is your partner the same as you with regards to down time?
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Time off means lock the doors and turn up the music!  I deal with the public all week long so i need that break.  My husband is the same way.  We do alot of projects around the house and enjoy the time we get to spend together.

Now back to the music.....Good music came out of the 70's and 80's.  Lot's of hair bands with good looking guys!!  Bet you thought i forgot huh!!!!
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If it was a short downtime, I'd just want to sleep. I have been known to go to bed when my son was off to school in the morning and sleep until 1 pm.

If it was a longer downtime (and it takes several hours for buffer on both ends), I'd want to go get a real haircut. I never get to the salon any more, can't work it in. I cut my own hair with my desk shears the last two times.

When my husband and I used to go on traveling vacations before our son was born, my ideal was to sleep in almost until check out (why do hotels kick you out by 11 am or noon, darn it?) and my husband acted like we would "flunk Vacation" if he wasn't outside at 7 am playing tennis or running a half marathon. On the other hand, 9 pm and I was ready to hit the restaurants and nightclubs, and he was ready to go to bed. That was sure a time-off mismatch!
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I am a total unwind person.  I like to veg.  Watch tv. Read.  Sit and stare.  Sleep.  My husband likes to go go go.  We are also mismatched.  Sigh.  He doesn't understand me and I don't understand him, lol.  So, now that we've been married a couple of decades, I tell him to just go and I'll see him later.  Before we had kids though, I would muster at least one weekend night or day of activity.  Now that kids have stolen all my energy, I just say no thanks.  

It might be too that most of my 'down time' is spent cleaning, doing laundry, etc. that the only time I feel I really can do NOTHING is when I go to bed.  NOT feeling sorry for myself . . . NOT.  But husband has more energy as I seem to be the one in charge of all things domestic.  

Netflix and I are pals.  
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i just relax but to tell you the truth i've never had a partner before
Not yet son, but you will. You're a smart sensitive guy. Wait for it, it'll happen for you.
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