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What is his problem?

Hello! So here's the deal...There's this guy at my school that I like sooo much it hurts. We met last year and started talking out of the blue. I felt really connected to him. So we talked about everything possible, we made each other laugh etc. What I also really like about him is that he remembers the little things about me and he's the first guy that i've liked for so long. Usually I get over guys very quickly. Later on he added me on snapchat and we talked on that thing every single day till late in the evening (back than he even had a girlfriend!) and we couldn't stop. He would ask questions about me, tease me and so on. We talked on school hallways but then I lost my phone and I don't have snapchat anymore. So for a time we didn't talk at all, we just said ''hey'' to each other, but when we said it it felt like so much more! Then we started talking again when we had a chance... And on saturday there was this huge party and we both went. But he was there with a girl (that has a boyfriend btw)! She seemed very nice and they danced together a lot and later on they joined me and my friend, but Ian (that's his name) ignored me. I mean we hugged and all and he was a bit drunk but that was all. Then my (drunk) friend asked him if he liked me and he gave her the ''what the ****'' look, so she said that she wants to get rid of me and that we should dance, but in that moment I turned my back to him and he didn't approach me. So he said to Tia (my friend) that he can't. And when she asked why, he said that he has to look after Jenna (the girl). I was really sad because he made no move at all to show me any interest he usually did and we were at a club!!! Also (I'm not so sure about this), but when I danced with someone else he glanced at me a couple of times but then quickly looked away. And today at school, he kind of ignored me, he just said ''hi'' to Tia while I was with her, but didn't look at me at all!!! Maybe because he realized that I like him more than just a friend and feels uncomfortable?  Also (I don't know how much you guys belive in this things), but he's a Leo sign and I thing that if he would have liked me, he would already make a move, right? Best regards, Elena xoxo
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Lord I'm glad I'm not in high school anymore.  :(

You'll just have to soldier on and try to figure this one out.  Best wishes.
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Hi, Whats good about him is that he did not just use you for his own desires.
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You might find more people your age to discuss this with on one of the teen forums here at med help.  It's hard being young.  It's hard as you can have such intense crushes often based on very little.  

And agree with life, I'm glad he didn't just 'go for it' because he could when his heart clearly isn't into it.  

I would study hard in school and make that your primary focus. This stuff with guys isn't worth the complications and distraction from the fun of being your age.  good luck
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thank you guys! means a lot! And yes, its hard to be in high school :(
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Hon, focus on something else......something that really matters.

I would try posting in the Teen Forum as SM suggested.  

All the best.
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