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What is the most used phrase in your house?

"Seriously?!"  That's one we use all the time in our house.  Fits a lot of discussions.  Ha.  What is the phrase used the most in your house and why?  
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What the ........(fill in the blank) !!  Now mind you my neighbor to the back is a wacked out meth head.  I go to open my shades the other morning at 6:30 a.m. and i see his "friends" out riding a mini bike...on the ice and snow.  It is a WTH moment.  They fix things like cars all night long and set off the car alarms and cant quite figure out how to stop it.  Another WTH moment.  Hopefully at some point the meth will be made with Nyquil and i will be able to clean up my language!!
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Oh, our neighbor sounds interesting. lol   But really, that has to get old.   My neighbors have a house full of toddlers, literally, and I see a lot of the same stuff you see your neighbors doing it feels like.  

WTH is my husbands. FFS is mine when no kids are around.  When kids are home, "ya right" and "I said no" are pretty common.  lol
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"Phooey" this is because when my husband and me got together I used it often. He thought it was funny and never had heard it before. I grew out of saying it so much. But him and the kids still will use it.

My little boy says imagine all the time. Everything you say, he responds "imagine". I hope it's just a phase he is going through because he uses it way to often.
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Phooey!  LOL  I haven't heard that in a gazillion years.  That's a good one.  And very PG rated for kids in the house!!  LOL, too that's funny about your little guy and 'imagine'.  Is that like 'serious'?  Or what is the context?  Like "imagine that?"  
Imagine is what it is. You say something that has happened or could happen and he goes imagine. A good example of this is he said i am doimg good in school. I only had one b. My husband said well next time maybe you will get all As. My little boy responds Imagine.

He is 15 and slightly autistic. But yes imagine is a big thing for him. He figures out ways to fit it in to some crazy scenarios. Lol
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