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What's one thing you wished you knew?

Thinking about things today, what is one thing you wish you knew way back when?  Could be related to your relationship or life.  So, if you are 40, what is one thing you wish you knew at 20?  (or whatever age, you fill that in for what works for you.)
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I would have bought AMD when it was at $2.

Seriously I would have made every effort to have a child with medical help when we determined I might have fertility issues from a ruptured, abscessed appendix. If I had pressed every effort and spent the big bucks earlier, I might have more children today. (Love the one I have, always wished to have two.) Of course, we didn't have the big bucks, and medical science wasn't where it is today, so maybe the effort would have failed, but it's a regret even so.
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I wish i would of listened to my parents when they told me drugs and alcohol were bad.
My mom said the same about her mother, regarding alcohol. Grammie was a pious, small-town teetotaler and (in my mom's eyes) made abstaining seem like the lamest thing ever. Mom said she just couldn't wait to be old enough to get away to college, attend parties where people drank, and become a sophisticated woman of the world. She (Mom, not Grammie) wound up needing to go to Women for Sobriety. Grammie had an alcoholic brother, but with the understanding of the genetic link to alcohol problems many years yet to come, the best she could think of to do was to mouth the literature of the Ladies Christian Temperance Union to my mother, which didn't help.

Since I've got a son, I think about this, and wonder if there is really any certain way to warn kids of things that are bad without sounding like a classic clueless parent. As it is, at age 13 my son feels sometimes like when he offers an opinion, I'm telling him that he doesn't know enough to have said what he did. So I have to tread lightly.
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I'm 50ish, and I wish I knew at 20ish or 30ish that it's really okay to be single, that a relationship is awesome if it's healthy, but also that you are far lonelier in a bad relationship than you ever are single.

Also, that life is short, and don't take it all so seriously.
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