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What's your pet peeve during the holidays?

Oh, I know.  It's a magical time and we are supposed to be happy. Ha.  And I personally mostly am. But there are a lot of things during the holidays with potential to annoy us. What's your holiday pet peeve??
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Forced fun like white elephant gifts in which people attempt to be hilarious and they are really just wrapping up junk from their house.  My in law side of things has been having a white elephant exchange for 20 plus years since I've known my husband.  So hilarious to open up old carpet remnants from someone's basement or peach colored silk floral arrangement from 1972.  These people laugh like it's the funniest hour of their entire life!  Eye roll.  
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I've always wondered why the events and parties have to be sandwiched in between the 22nd and the 25th. The week between Christmas and New Year's eve is perfectly acceptable for parties, and everyone is more relaxed then too.
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It's a marathon, isn't it?
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Christmas music that starts the day after Thanksgiving
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Around here it was playing in the stores two weeks after Halloween. They didn't even have the patience to wait until Thanksgiving.
Fa la la la la.  This year wasn't as bad since well . . .  Thanksgiving was so late. ha ha
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