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My husband is addicted chatting with stranger women on wechat.
and I found  out they have been changing picture I mean indecent photo.

Please advice what I supposed to do to stop all these? Thank's everyone for the advice.
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Can you disable the computer so he can't use it anymore? Cancel your internet? Cut the phone or cable line so he can't connect? But do it without letting him know so he has to figure out how to fix it before he can use it. And then you can say to him, Sorry, it looks like you can't talk to your girlfriends online anymore, loser! I mean, that's what I would do. I have no problem telling people when they are being stupid. I have zero patience for that kind of behavior so I just don't allow it around me anymore.
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Does not matter what you do. He is going to continue doing this.
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I would literally just say look, if I'm not enough you know where the door is. What he's doing is disrespectful and degrading towards you. If he wants to stay with you he should be able to understand your point of view and how low it's making you feel. Ask him how he would feel if you were to do the same thing? If he says he wouldn't mind, do it. Then when its obvious that he doesn't appreciate it either, you tell him that's how he's been making you feel. Hope you get it sorted, I know how it feels!
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Ditto ditto ditto the above replies!

Best of luck to you!
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So sorry you are going through this. Making a discovery like that is no fun at all. It sounds like your husband has a sexual addiction. In my opinion, he is going to need counseling if he wants to overcome it. And that's the key, he will have to want to overcome it. You can't make him stop and if he's addicted he won't be able to stop on his own.

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Thank you everyone for the advice.
I am just really lost and down, the stress is too much for me to deal and plus my pregnancy and due date is getting closer. 3 more weeks my baby girl will be born.
All these worry about the labor and husband addiction really bring me down.
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This is taking 'sexual addiction' to another level.  You say He is communicating and even sending and receiving personal pictures with other Women.  He is having a 'relationship of sorts' with another woman.  I see that as cheating on His Marriage.

I'm very sorry this is happening and most certainly during Your pregnancy.  This should be a joyful time for You and Your Husband and You should NOT, and should NOT be expected to, 'tolerate' this for one second!!  I would give Him the ultimatum to stop doing this NOW!!   and seek counseling!!   OR I would go home to my family!!

and seek counseling for YourSelf as well.  You need to feel good about YourSelf FOR YourSelf and for Your Baby.  Your Baby doesn't need to be born into the stress and sadness You feel.

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This is beyond pornography in my opinion.  He's making true contact.  Very difficult to work on things if he sees that as okay.  I would really lay down an ultimatum that it stops or you must leave.  To say he won't stop to me is a bit inaccurate because some people do see what they have to lose and will make the effort.  Hopefully your husband will!

What does he say about this?  Would he consider therapy?  The web site given above is extremely religious.  Not sure how you feel about that.  However, therapy of the mainstream variety appeals to most and given the right therapy and good timing for your husband, he may be able to overcome this.

The issue really is----  does he want to?

I too am very sorry you are going through this.  peace and hugs
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I have spoke with him about it and all I get is his anger and he told me me to stay away from his phone and not my f.... business who he talk too.
And he said thing's that very rude to me and even ask me to leave our house.

I can't understand why he do all those and specially right now during my pregnancy. Everything is so frustrating and killing me.

I am living in foreign land and I have no family's to go plus my due date is so close now.

Fews day's ago I check his phone again and seen tons of picture of a women sending the picture naked.

it's has been over than 2 months we didn't have intercourse and each time I ask why his reason is afraid to hurt the baby.

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I'm sorry.  My heart is heavy for You.

I see no solution for You other than to have Your Baby and go home.  Will Your family help You with the expense to come home?

I'm sorry to say I see NO resolution for You in this situation. In my opinion, His behavior and attitude toward You is beyond repair.  This goes WAY beyond "sorry, honey".   That Your Husband would do this in the first place and then take such an attitude of anger toward You pretty much sums up what kind of person He is.  You need to realize this is NOT the kind of man You want to call a Husband and Father to Your Baby Girl.  Love is a choice and You CAN, You really really can CHOOSE not to love a man who treats You this way.

Go home to Your Family as soon as You can arrange it.  That being said, I'm truly sorry You have been hurt this way.
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Unfortunatley my family's can't help me with the expenses. And I have not mention about our problem's to any of my family member.

So for now I can only live day by day until my baby Cat is born. Hopefully after seeing our daughter he will change his behaviour.
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I'm so sorry. Hang in there. I'm praying for you today!
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I wouldnt call it addiction that makes it sound like its okay...
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