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how to deal with depression during pregnancy my baby father just cheated on me so havent been able to eat nothing can that hurt my baby?
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Not eating enough to sustain you AND your baby can and WILL hurt your baby. You need to remember that there is not one of you that you are feeding, but you are eating for two. If you really don't feel like eating, try to at least eat some fruits and vegetables and drink water / juice. If this depression worsens, I highly recommend seeing a doctor and explaining to him / her that you are concerned for your baby's health because of the stress you are under.
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See your dr and tell him about stress and problems eating. You and baby need nutrients and food/water. The dr might screen you for depression and recommend meds.... Idk. But be honest with dr.
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You need to take care of yourself and eat. If you are going to stay with baby daddy, talk about this and find out why he did it.  Tell him what it has done to you. Try to stay calm and cool when you do talk about it.
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Hi.  I am not going to comment on whether not eating will hurt your child or not as I think that is a question for your doctor's office.  My OB has a nurse that takes all calls about such matters and provides the requested info.  I think that is the best route to go for that question.  

I do want to say that I am so sorry.  What a horrible thing to be pregnant and find out your spouse is cheating on you.  I hope this resolves and it is natural to be emotionally distraught over such a thing.  Depression is an actual medical condition that needs treating.  There are parameters that must be met for clinical depression.  It would be wise to talk to your OB about this as well.  Treating during pregnancy is not ideal and physicians will weigh out the benefits to the costs of medication.  Sometimes they'll go ahead and offer medication but I'm sure most ladies expecting a baby want to avoid that.  But you should talk to your doctor to let them help you figure it all out if you are indeed clinically depressed.  And whether it is the blues or true depression, talk therapy is very beneficial for working through emotions.  So consider a therapist.  

Try to keep active and incorporate some exercise into the mix.  When you do eat, make it healthy and nutritious.  Perhaps setting up a routine in which you eat at specific times of day would help.  Whether hungry or not, at 7 you eat a bowl of cereal and banana, at noon you eat X, etc.  Then you may be more inclined to do it rather than waiting until you are hungry.  See, you are already being a good mama by doing what your baby needs before he/she is even born!  Maybe add a nutritional supplement drink into your routine too.  

I will tell you that I went through periods with both of my children in which I ate very very little due to extreme nausea.  Babies were fine and gained weight appropriately.  

good luck and again, sorry you are going through this difficult time!
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