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Any parent of croup kids found relief?

My 7 year old has croup battles severe croup with every minor respiratory illness.  His resp. therapits titles it "Croup variant asthma."   We have seen little improvement with every medication prescribed.  We resort to nebulized epis and oral dexamethasone when things are really scary, however they have seemed to lose effectiveness and relief doesn't last as long.  His throat anatomy came back normal, no allergies (by blood and scratch test), immunology reports come back good, chest xrays good, adenoids out....what are we missing?  We have tried chiropractic care - but are wiling to try anything else alternative.  His worst enemy is sleep when he battles a minor cold as his throat closes up - and the only remedy seems to be staying awake.  Terrible!  Anyone find success with accupuncture, herbs or diet?    I'm to my wits end and my poor guy is suffereing!  Help please - those who can relate!
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