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I had surgery for Invasive Aspergillosis in January and have been on IV and pills of Vfend.  I also had some type of fibrosis in the lungs  I just got the latest catscan report and am trying to understand it.  These are the issues which I think are good.  These are the comments on the report
1  There has been resolution of the postoperative change.  The previously seen small fluid  at the post thoracotomy  site no longer is seen.  2.  The nodular pleural thickening in the left apex has improved.  3.  there is minimal residual nodular density in the left apex.  4.  Extensive emphysematous change is again noted bilaterally.  Patchy alveolar infiltrate in left apex has resolved.  There is no pleural effusion.  5.  Extensive chronic obstructive pulmonary disease changes, unchanged from previous exam.

Does all this mean the Aspergillosis is gone?  Won't be able to talk to the doctor for several days and am trying to get a jump on this.
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