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Asthma, Broncus inflammation or what?...and Why (me)?

Just been diagnosed as having inflamed Bronchus, and placed on Symbicort (Budesonide & Formoterol) by a GP, who states I should use it for a 2 week period (once when I get up, once before bed), and then take it as and when I need to in the future,although manufacturer states that it is a long term medicine that should not be stopped suddenly?!

GP has stated that I do not have asthma (following x-rays, blood tests, breathing tests, listening to me with a stethoscope), although the breath test showed my breathing out to be 88%, there were no signs of a viral/bacterial infection in my blood, but has given me a medication for chronic asthma sufferers,I am a little confused?
Also he states that I can continue with my fitness training?! I would have thought that the body would need rest to recover, not a further challenge to its immune system.

Been taking medication for a week and see little improvement,in fact after taking the inhaler no immediate relief is noticed. I notice that BEFORE taking it in the morning I feel as though my condition has improved, as the day stretches on it seems to get worse, and then towards the evening it seems to get better?!...Could it be that I have something else i.e. an allergy to pollen or at work (not to work!) etc? Also when I exercise I usually feel better, and do not have any asthmatic symptoms in the period after finishing exercise, but feel more tired than usual.

No history of asthma in my family even though my father and sibling smoke. I live in a tobacco free/smoke free country enviro, healthy diet, why/how have I got this condition?
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The term, inflamed bronchus, suggests that you have acute bronchitis.  This is swelling and inflammation in the airways of the lungs.  However it is hard to know what your diagnosis is without details of what you refer to as "my condition".  While Symbicort Turbuhaler
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