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Blood In Mucus?

Hi I am 13 years old and my name is Joseph, I am not actually asking a question I would like to give helpful information. I recently had a horrible virus where every time I cleared my throat and nasal passages blood would come out in mucus along with puss it scared me at first but with lots of research and an awesome mother we found that the solution is NOT in antibiotics please please do not take antibiotics as these will leave you tired down in the dumps and kill off good bacteria too :( I prefer to stay in the natural area I guess, so on with the point the cure of course G.S.E. or Grape seed Extract, a very potent natural antibiotic  for adults you should take about 15 drops in a tall glass of water and swig that down three times a day with or without meals doesn't matter. I am now almost completely rid of all of the puss and there is no blood in mucus this is day 3 of the virus please let me know if anyone needs more advice, yes i am 13 years young but very knowledgeable when it comes to health.

This discussion is related to Blood in my mucus (not much coughing).

This discussion is related to Blood in my mucus (not much coughing).
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