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Breathing normally for about 20 secs then heavier breathing for about 10 seconds.

Noticed this a few weeks age in my husband when he is sleeping.  He is 78 years old and had a heart attack and valve replacement two years ago.  He is slightly overweight, and is a diabetic (under control with meds) and high blood pressure also controlled by meds.  He monitors his blood sugar and blood pressure and stats are ok.  For the breathing changes to occur so regularly when he is sleeping, I cannot think what could be the cause.  During the day he sometimes breaths heavily, like when his kids popped in to visit.  
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums.  So, this is something he may not be aware of as it occurs during sleep, correct?  But you are observing it so please do make an appointment to discuss this with his physician.  Here is some information on breathing disorders during sleep https://www.medhelp.org/lib/breadiso.htm  Your husband likely will require a sleep assessment to understand the breathing changes that are going on.

Please let us know what his doctor says.  Best of health to both of you.
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Thanks.  He does breath heavy during the day but I have not noticed if it is the same pattern.  He is hunting for next 3 days so won't be home to observe but will update you when he goes to doc.
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Finally we went to the doctor.  I had noticed him breathing heavy more during the day.  Doctor did bloodwork and a chest x-ray.  ALSO, his oxygen level was 86!  X-ray showed fluid in the lungs (congestive heart failure pending.)  B-12 level was low.  Doc prescribed furosemide (also Potassium Chloride since diuretic depletes KCL) and B-12 1000 mcg.  He has a followup in a week.  His oxy level is higher but could be because I mentioned he needed to get up out of the Lazyboy more and get some exercise so he has been a little more active and trying to breath deeper.  He has always been a shallow breather.
Hope this works because neither of us want him to need to do the oxygen tanks.  Eating more veggies and fruit wouldn't do him any harm...  
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