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My father has COPD and it is getting worse. Even a common cold can bring him so far down it concerns us. He has now ask me to research any forms of treatment of studies that may help him. We have heard something about lung scraping in the Phillipenes or even partial removal of the lung. If anyone has ANY info or insight on ANY kind of treatment I would greatly appreciate a comment. Thank you so much.
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trials in the US for Ease which is a Airway Bypass.  You may want to check it out=
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I went through a sleep study and have a low oxygen sat. level.  The C-pap will 'fix' my problem to sleep, however my doctor wants me to move to sea level, whereI live at 7200 ft in New Mexico.
My daily sat. level is only at 83.
Do I need to see a Pulminary doctor or go on oxygen during the day?
Is there something I can do to increase my oxygen level?
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I am just curious no one answered my comment yet! Shortness of breath (2years &more)! Is there any reason some are answered before others? Is there a chance that mine will not be answered at all? I just need to know so I can stop looking, as I was very hopeful when I saw this forum.
Sincerely gin75kt
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Have yourself tested for COPD...ask you regular doctor.
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