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COVID Pneumonia Post Recovery

I just tested negative for COVID after being diagnosed with COVID pneumonia 3 weeks ago. I went to urgent care yesterday cause I still can't take a deep breath but they checked my oxygen level was good. BP good and no obstruction sound in my heart or lungs so they didn't want to do an xray just gave me an Inhaler.

Now I have anxiety already so I'm always worried but should I be? The doctor said it can take weeks to get better I just hate not taking a deep breath. Any home remedies that can help?

No fever or anything just pneumonia and upper back soreness. Just want to get better already.
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I had the same situation before but just a pneumonia bilateral not covid pneumonia. Are you feeling fine now? Based on my research on pneumonia, the person having it usually recovers for about 6 months. That is totally normal coz you're still on process of healing your lungs and our body is recovering from the illness due to pneumonia. Until now I am having the urge of taking deep breaths and still working on it until my breathing is normal. Just be patient on your body, always take a rest and take whatever medicine your doctor prescribed to you and you'll recover as soon as possible, same as your breathing. Stay healthy!!!
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