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Can someone help with PFT results of low dlco and tlc?

The ILD PFT breathing test wasn't good. My lung volumes went down.. my dlco (oxygen in the blood) went way down..from 48 to 34. I can tell I dont have the lung volume like I used to have. TLC 88 to 66. I wore dentures this time so not sure if that was an issue. I usually dont wear them so he said to not wear them next time. I also have this tickle in my throat. I will be getting another PFT in 2 months or could have had a ct scan done and then get s pft done after. I said I would go for another pft. If the pft is not better, I will get the ct scan done and go from there..this is all new to me. He doesnt think the scan will show anything. He said maybe my rheumatoid is not controlled. I expected some drop in my numbers but now that much. Pretty scary to see my dlco so low too. Have had rheum since 1984, have connective tissue disease, sjogrens, raynauds, limited scleroderma, gerd, etc etc the hospitals are getting busier too. big difference since the last time I went.
SPirogram plateau normally.
The respiratory flow volume loop reveals a normal pattern.
The maximal voluntary ventilation (MVV) is normal.
The FEV1 is 1.81 L or 88% of predicted.
The FEV1 to FVC ratio is 82.8.
Lung volumes were measured by determining the functional residual capacity (FRC)
and determining the lung divisions by vital capacity (VC) maneuver.
The lung volumes show a mild restriction with a total lung capacity is 66% of
Diffusion capacity by single breath CO is severely reduced at 34% of predicted.
Prior pulmonary function studies from July 25, 2019 are compared. At that time
the FEV1 was 1.89 L or 91%, ratio of 80.3 total lung capacity of 84%, diffusing
capacity of 48%.
Prior pulmonary function studies from October 20, 2017 are compared. At that
time the FEV1 was 2.2 L or 102% of predicted, ratio of 81.0, total lung capacity
at 86, diffusion capacity at 47.:
1. No obstruction
2. Mild restriction
3. Significantly reduced diffusing capacity

so now another pft in 2 mos.

the tech had me cover the end of the mouthpiece to recalibrate the machine about 3 to 4 times.  

also why do I need to wait 2 mos for another PFT?

Thank you......Paula
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