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I recieved a order for a CT from my GP in the mail a few days ago. In the diagnosis it had Postinflammatory pulmonary fibrosis. He never told me I have this! A few years ago 2 to be exact I had my 6th rib removed due to a growth on it. The growth was benign thankfully. I ended up with pnuemonia after the surgery and not knowing anyone including my son. I had aphasia so horribly that I would start a sentence and not be able to find the word I wanted and then start over again sometimes a dozen or so times until someone would thankfully change the subject. I had weird hallucinations also. Luckily all of the oddball neuro symptoms dissapeared after four or five days. There was no evidence of a stroke, everyone was mystified. I returned home and made a slow recovery. The area where the incision was made herniated and no one seemed interested in fixing it.
  A few months before that my GP had ordered a chest xray and it showed calcified nodules in my chest. He didnt seem too concerned so that was that.
  Now I see this on my order sheet and I am about as shocked as can be. I have lupus and seizure disorder but cope pretty well with them. Could the pulmonary fibrosis be from the surgery trauma? as well as the unrepaired hernia. When I cough you can see the lung balloon out where it is herniated. I also have a rare congenital heart defect that Mayos did some work on last winter. It was found by accident. I have noticed I am much tireder than I used to be, I simply cant seem to feel rested. Walking up a slight rise in the yard feels like I am walking in thick mud and may not make it. I am simply worn out. Could this all be a mistake. Why would my Dr not have told me I had pulmonary fibrosis? I am not a worrier or a hypocondriac I am sort of at a loss over the whole thing.  Can anyone shed some light on what may be happening.  
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It's from the lupus, unfortunately.  

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I have just switched rhuemy Dr and he took me off of prednisone and methotrexate because I have been on them on  high does for over 15 years and he was afraid that they were causing harm that had not been discovered as of yet. Is this from the methotrexate. He said last labs I had low WBC and high neutrophils so he is repeating. ????  Thank you for answering.
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