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Consider bacteria issue

I have these sinus, mucus, coughing, gagging issues and have this for a year or more. My ENT has treated me for sinusitis, bronchitis and sinus infections in the past.   Now consider this.
I had gone to a Dermatologist for a breakout on my face next to one side of my nose and near under eye that had not gone away for many months.  I am in my 60's so not puberty.  Anyway, he said it appeared to be bacteria and said to use Hibiclens and gave me Rx for Gentamicin Sulfate ointment and Clndamycin Phosphate.  He told me to put the Gentamicin inside my nose every day.  Well, insert said "do not use inside of nose".  I called his office and then was told to just use antibiotic cream, i.e. neosporin. I was skeptical then to use anything inside my nose.
The breakout is taking months to go away but greatly improved in most spots but a couple of spots are persisting.
Now, if a bacteria can be this stubborn and we have inhaled this into our sinus passages, it appears that there is a great big possibility that no drugs are really killing it but instead supressing it.
What do you people think?
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Hi, if the infection cannot be controlled by topical antibiotics, you may need oral or systemic antibiotics to control the infection. The one sided facial pain could be due to sinusitis, if it is accompanied by nasal stuffiness and sometimes a post nasal drip. Any nasal infection can lead to an infection of the sinuses. If your symptoms persist, consult your doctor for an evaluation. Regards.
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Thanks for you input.  There is no pain in my sinuses or where the breakout spots on the left side of my face.  I was recently given Amoxicillin for a potential MVP issue after having my teeth cleaned.  500 mg, 3x a day for 7 days.  It has not touched the sinus solution however.  
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