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Coughing, wheezing, and chest pain

For the past 1-2 years, I have developed a cough every few months, probably due to allergies. When I cough, I may or may not have mucus. It hurts my upper chest and then I taste this horrible taste, like I'm tasting the inside of my bronchial tubes. I sleep on my left side, and as I breathe, I hear this wheezing sound as I breathe out the last of  my breath. It sounds like a cat died inside my chest. My regular doctor referred me to my heart doctor for this sound, but I cancelled the appointment at the last minute because all of a sudden the sound (and my cough) was gone. Now the cough and wheeze are back. I have night (and sometimes day) sweats with this cough, as well as a slight fever (sometimes). I am wondering whether this may be asthma or COPD.  My doctor usually gives me a round of antibiotics after I have had it for a while. This will cure it--sometimes I have to take another round of antibiotics to get rid of it; but the cough hangs on for up to 6 months (without the wheezing). I have had pneumonia twice. I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and fatty liver, and work a full-time day desk-job.
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Your doctor should have gave you some clues into what is going on., along with some blood tests.

It could be allergies since it comes and goes or digestive problems.
An antihistamine may help with the wheezing, along with taking good walks with fresh air will help build and clear your lungs .

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