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Does this condition exist? Is it asthma or something else?

I don't know if this constitutes as asthma or not, but read through it ALL before answering please.

Is there a condition where:
A person may have an inhaler, but doesn't use it daily?
Like they ONLY use it when their lungs are irritated slightly (secondhand smoke, cold weather, stress). And they would only need a puff or two. And they could go without an inhaler for weeks until their lungs get irritated again for another puff.

If this does constitute as asthma, what kind of inhaler would they use based on what I wrote above (only needing it in certain circumstances and not daily).

If it isn't asthma, what is the condition called? And what kind of inhaler would they be using?
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Some people with mild asthma may choose not to use their inhalers and only use the Ventolin when they encounter a trigger.  This helps to open up the air ways.

People who are not asthmatic can also still get an allergic reaction to chemicals and substances.  If you were exposed to an irritant that caused you a problem (usually people start to cough), you remove yourself from the irritant.    You wouldn't be prescribed with an asthma inhaler.  But the hospital would probably give you an oxygen mask to help with the breathing until things settled down.

To find out if you have asthma, you need to see your doctor who can do a lung function test at the surgery or he may send you to the hospital for a more complex lung function test.  You would breathe into a tube and the results would show up on the computer.

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