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Dry cough that doesn't go away and had no other symptoms.

It's been at least a month that I started coughing a few times per hour. Here are the key points:

- I don't cough during my sleep
- It has been on for at least a month
- Apart from the cough itself I feel great, not feel tired and do not have fever
- Dry cough, no fluids to spit
- Happens like once every 10 minutes, cough like 1-3 times and then it's gone
- In the past 3 days my chest began to hurt (from coughing I guess), now it hurts when I cough or press it on my right side
- Cough syrup reduced it a bit (making me cough only once or twice per hour), but as soon as I stop taking it, the cough comes back like it was before

I've looked into possible diseases and nothing is quite like it. Most diseases like pneumonia come with other bad ailments (fever etc) that I do not have.

Currently I'm living in Thailand and the doctors here are not very good. They just prescribe (and sell for a good price) a variety of antibiotics for an overkill, but I'm quite sure that this is not a bacteria. I don't want to take a load of antibiotics that probably won't help me.

Has anyone had the same condition? Please share your experiences.

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Look up intercostal strain. It can result from excessive, chronic coughing.
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Just posting the outcome of my case:

My lung pain started to increase, I was feeling a sharp pain on every cough or deep breath.

After looking for my symptoms, I diagnosed myself with Pertussis, also known as cough of 100 days.

My initial thoughts were wrong, this actually is a bacteria. So I followed some websites and bought myself Azythromycin 250mg (6 pack). Took 2 on the first day and one for each of the following 4 days.

I think it worked. The lung pain is completely gone for over a week and I rarely ever cough now, and when I do is because something triggered it (air con, smokers etc).

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