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Globus Hystericus?

I'm a 22yr old female. I work at least 56hrs a week, including 2 double shifts from 3p-7a in a row. Lately i've been feeling like I have something stuck in my throat, even though I know there's nothing there. But it's really been bothering me. It is a little sore and hurts to swallow sometimes. I did some googling, and the closest thing that I could find to how I feel is globus hystericus. But for the last month or so I've felt completely exhausted. I keep getting dizzy spells. And at random times I start dozing off (even when im walking). Sometimes I lose my depth perception. It has been worrying me. I know I should go to the doctor but I can't really afford to right now. I've also within the last 2 weeks started having a sharp chest pain under my left breast. It doesn't usually last that long, but i have no idea what it is. Im only mentioning it bc Im not sure if that might make this thing in my throat something else entirely =/ I just want to know what's wrong with me.
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If you are feeling this way rest is key. You must rest. Nobody can work 24/7 it's impossible. Your body will tell you you can't and yours is! No matter what only you can decide to take care or not. No diagnosis can change this.Do you not have family that can help you out? If not then you have to stop and smell the roses and see if there are programs like food stamps that will ease you burdens financially. Otherwise you are headed for a melt down. Get more help than just asking questions here!
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Also, this isn't a respiratory issue that i know of so why post it here.. I know your searching and the groups are limited to certain interests but, this isn't a throat forum. If you feel like you can't breath/wheeze a lot then have you ever been diagnosed with respiratory problems? I have asthma so I know about that and was trained as a cna and know generally about respiratory issues in elderly, though at your age you should not have any. You are so young to be on your own too. I don't know what else to say that could help you dear.
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