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Hypoxia With Exertion

I just started experiencing low oxygen levels (80s/low 90s) along with shortness of breath/fatigue for about 2 months. It only happens during exertion. I had a overnight pulse ox which came back normal. I also had a VQ and Echo that we’re both normal. My pulmonary doctor has basically given up, but I know somethings wrong. Any suggestions?
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How are you checking SATs?

Have you had stress echo?


When I go see the Pulm we walk down the hall with a pulse ox attached. I haven’t had a stress echo, just a regular one with a bubble study. I’ve had a CT but not recently, I believe the last one was done year before last. What is a Rhc?
Right heart catheterization...

I the ddx is long for you bc I don't feel you have had thorough testing...

Have you had pulmonary function testing, with spirometry, lung volumes, dlco and mips/ meps?

What about your v/q was it planer or spec?
Pulmonary Function Tests Yes (Spirometry, Not Sure About The DLCO or MIPS/MEPS), the vq I’m not sure I just breathed in something and then they injected me with something and scanned me, it was clear. I haven’t had a right heart catherization. I agree, my doctor just did those tests plus echo and told me she wasnt concerned but my numbers are still dropping with exertion and the shortness of breath/fatigue is getting worse.
Can you pm me your pfts, I'll take a look.
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I don’t have a copy:( I have a few numbers that she had put in my notes, I can try to PM you them.
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