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I have Left lung congestion and crackles.

I am a 66 yr old female and I have never smoked, I have had pneumonia 2 times in my left lung  last time 6 yrs ago.  I have congestion in that lung and crackles noises when I lay on my left side to sleep.  Sometimes short of breath until I clear the mucus. I hear gurgle like sounds when I laugh deep. Had my first chest X-ray in 20 yrs and that was normal.  Went to allergists no common allergies or asthma. Allergic to mold and dust mites.  Am concerned since it is only my left lung. I sleep on my left side most of the night and have post nasal drip. Medicare may not pay for a CT scan since I am healthy and never smoked. Should I be worried?
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You had a ct denied?

That's pretty insane.  I think you need one.

Did you have pfts done?
No I haven’t been denied the doctor said they may not pay for it.
What is pfts?
Pulmonary function tests.

Lung volumes
Yes I have had pfts and very good, no asthma.
Asthma is not the only thing it should checks.

The spirometry portion checks for obstructive diseases ( ie. Asthma)...

But you need lung volumes to look for restrictive diseases.

And dlco to look for blood flood or alveolar issues.
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Thats insane.  I think you should have it done asap!  And I am a nurse!
Had a follow up exam and Medicare will not pay for a CT because my lungs always sound clear, no wheezing heard, and chest X-ray was clear. My oxygen count was perfect and never a smoker. However I am getting  echocardiogram on my heart.
If you go to your emergency room and tell them your short of breath in pretty sure they will perform a ct/ cta
No they won’t. I have taken my mom to er 4 times with chest pains this year and they do EKG and chest X-ray and blood work. Never a CT scan.
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Same hospital or different ones?
Only one around
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I personally thinks she needs the ct/ cta.

Is it possible to travel to a different emergency room?
Found out the acid reflex in my sleep was causing my breathing problems.  Acid from my stomach was getting into my left lung since I sleep on my left side.  The crackles are gone and congestion too.  I am feeling so much better. My ulcer is healing too thanks to nexium. Will be off it when ulcer heals.
Thats awesome to hear!!!
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