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Lung Granulomas

I had a chest cat scan that showed “Lung Granulomas noted”. Is this something to be worried about?  Also, they never had me remove my bra with underwire and sequence on it for the test?  Can that interfere?  
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Hello,  soft granulomas mean more recent and calcified means they have been around for a while. Either way, they are not cancer but present due to irritation.  It would make sense if you have a lot of coughing due to Gerd.  Are you treating your Gerd?
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So granulaomas are not the same as nodules?  I am on treatment now for the GERD. I usually don’t have issues with coughing from it unless I’m laying down.  But I am constantly swallowing the reflux throughout the day.  
Granulomas can be nodules but they are benign as in non cancerous. Nodules are a structure that doesn't mean cancer if that makes sense.  So, a granuloma is an area of irritation that formed a nodule but it doesn't mean cancer.  Having reflux and swallowing it can be irritating and coughing at night can be as well.  I would consider treating your GERD.  
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question.  Have you been ill recently?  Lung granulomas typically means clumps of chronically inflamed tissue due to fungal or bacterial infection or can be caused due to a foreign body in the lung, irritation of the lung tissue, etc. Do you know if it is calcified or not? Granulomas are not cancer. https://www.healthline.com/health/lung-granuloma

Your bra should not interfere with the test.  We wish you the best.
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Thank you. No, I haven’t been sick. We did have some renovations done in the house and I do have bad GERD and sometimes choke because of it. It didn’t specify calcified or not?  If it didn’t say is it likely to be one or the other?
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