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Non-stop, sudden, long-term shortness of breath/difficulty breathing?

Three months ago, I was outside walking home when I felt something tighten and my air flow thinned out. This was alarming because it had never happened before, and I've never smoked in my life.

Went to the ER, got an EKG, a blood test, and an X-ray, but all of them came out clear. Now, weeks later, I'm still struggling to get a satisfying breath, whistling/wheezing out of my nose, I've constantly got mucus, and during the day, that mucus tends to be dry/clumpy and bloody. The shortness of breath/difficulty breathing is so severe that it's basically all I can think about every single time I have to take a breath; I physically can't yawn and I'm having difficulty swallowing things. I just can't live this way. I cry at least an hour a day.

Despite my best efforts, my primary care doctor refuses to order any tests until I see a psychiatrist and get a prescription but I'm 100% certain this isn't anxiety and the fact that I'm now beginning to swell in my extremities and face makes me even less happy about having to humor this demand.

Any ideas? I had an abdominal ultrasound done recently, too, so it's not a hernia.
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Have you had any tests?


Pm me
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Have you had your adrenal gland function tested? You can do this with a 24-hour saliva cortisol test. Adrenal exhaustion has caused my extreme shortness of breath as you describe. It's an every-day, all day thing. Been happening for 3.5 years and it is soooo frustrating.

Also, do you know if you are being affected by mold in your home or workplace?  It is not always visable. I suggest you might look into this, too.

But I believe you and know what you're going through. You are NOT crazy.
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Have you had an MRI? I have a chiari malformation (Arnold Chiari 1) Its where my brainstem is herniated past my skull and that's a possible symptom. Always misdiagnosed and most doctors don't recognize it as an issue. Maybe request one. Any other weird symptoms?
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