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PTB Minimal, activity is undetermined

Hi i have a ptb history way back 2009. I completed my treatment for 6 months and now working. My previous xray shows both lungs are clear. I had cough for a bout a week and backpains which i normally had since i'm working with computers. I decided to go see a doctor and was requested for a chest pa and apvl.The result shown "Reticular densities seen at the right upper lobe from PTB Minimal, activity is undetermined". The doctor prescribe me medicins to undergo 6 mo treatment again. what do I do? does it mean I have an active ptb again or is it just scar showing.thank you
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's Respiratory Disorders forum. Thank you for your question.  The statement that "PTB Minimal, activity undetermined" is your primary concern?  Please do speak to the doctor you are working for to understand what exactly they mean.  TB can be latent in that it is in your body but inactive. It can, however, become active at a later date.  This is a possibility for what they are talking about. It's estimated that 2 billion people have latent TB. The concern would be that since you began coughing, is it become active.  This is likely why they prescribed treatment for it. Here is some information for readers on pulmonary tuberculosis. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/tuberculosis/symptoms-causes/syc-20351250  The densities sound to be consistent with what is found when there is infection such as TB or pneumonia.  

When do you next see your doctor?
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hi thank you, this week to give me med cert and sign sickness form, he advice me to not go to work for 2 weeks since it might be contagious? he doesn't advice me to have a sputum tes or skin test..i'm not coughing anymore though, i don't have fever and i still eat very well. Should I go to a pulmo to better understand? my doctor is a internal medicine i'm not doubting he's skill as a doctor but I jiat have to be sure. I can't afford to a two leave of absence and they might be scared if me if they knew i have it..
Our member Ayl291 recommended a CT and that would probably be a good idea.  I do understand about not wanting to miss work.  That's always a concern but it is better to be safe than sorry and infecting others would in the long run be worse than missing some work.  I do apologize for this circumstance you are in!  How are you doing now?
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I'd ask for high resolution ct.
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