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Recurrent Cyclical Pharyngitis; No tonsils or adenoids!

I'm starving for answers. I've been to three ENTs and countless Quick Cares over the last 6 years and still remain 'uncured'.

In high school, I was out sick a lot with strep. I never got sick except when I got strep, and I'd be out for a week. I didn't pay much attention to it back then but in hindsight, it happened maybe once a month or every other month.

When I got to college, it escalated and I would be sick for a week, have three weeks off, then get sick again. It was hurting my school and work performance so I visited an ENT. He told me it was time for a tonsillectomy. I had that done in October of 2008. He left my adenoids.

After the tonsillectomy, I thought I had gotten better because I went a month without an infection. Then, on week 6, I got it again. From then on out, it's been nearly on the dot every 6 weeks, like a period. Depending on how much sleep I'm getting and how good my diet is, I can be sick from 5 days to 14 with varying severity of symptoms.

Three months ago (March 5), after visiting two more ENTs, I had an adenoidectomy. I healed MUCH slower than I should have (I attribute it to being on Acutane in Oct2008-Aug2009). When I got to week 6, like clockwork, the infection popped up again. I was in tears in the doctor's office. No tonsils, no adenoids, what's left to infect?! My doctor said it may just be the wound and prescribed antibiotics. That set was the first to actually help in a couple years. Usually, the antibiotics do nothing.

I believed him and went about my business. Saturday, I woke up with a slight sore throat. It's not full-blown, yet, but it's the kind of burgeoning sore throat that signals more to come. I've had intense postnasal drip and I know it's coming, just don't know when or how bad. Frustrated, I found my Rx bottle from my last round of antibiotics. I picked it up on April 16, which places this week as week 6.

I don't know what to do anymore! I'm beginning to think I should go see a diagnostician instead of an ENT. Are there any avenues of research I haven't considered yet?

My typical symptoms:
fever (99.1-103)
sore throat (red, sickly-colored, sometimes with white buildup)
thick postnasal drip
cough (this has not occurred since the adenoidectomy; I suspect the cough may have been from adenoid gunk falling on my vocal folds)

Please note that I only have postnasal drip; I rarely have congestion as a result of this infection.
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Some follow-up.

I'm a 20-year-old female. Do not smoke, do not drink.

I am overweight but have not found exercise to stop the infections. I am a vegetarian and aside from loving my bean burritos and fries, my diet isn't too awful. Sugar does not affect the infections.

I sleep between 7 and 9 hours per night and keep a consistent schedule. I do get fairly stressed because I'm a full-time college student with a job. It doesn't affect my sleep but may play a part in my immune system.
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try antiviral.  valtrex.  sometimes it manifests in fever, aches, headache tired, and sores in throat.  antibiotics woudl do no good.  an antiviral- one a day as prescribed- might.  some docs will tell you its not a herpes related issue, but try it.  
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i have typical symptoms like you if you find any solution plz inform me at my mail
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Advice- is Management of the oral cavity and the throat cavity both externally and internally.

External Advice- Rinse and Gargle with TANTUM gargle b4 consuming spicy food, drink water as soon as u finish eating. keep ur oral cavity clean. Gargle with salt water to prevent strep infections.

Internal advice-Maintain your immunity level by consuming SEPTILIN tabs(2-2-2)for three months and also IMMUBRON tabs(oral bacterial lysate) by dissolving under the tongue for ten days(0-0-1) and then continue it for the same ten days the following two consecutive months.

I guess this would work... Breathing exercises and avoiding sleeping under AC or fan will help. Under fever and cold conditions, a symptomatic treatment like paracetamol and citrizine helps.......

Tonsillectomy is adviced only for cases with recurrent tonsillitis along with pharyngitis/URTI/LRTI along. How ever the tonsil recurrance will stop and the other conditions can be managed.
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