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Recurrent Sinus Infection after Surgery

Had FESS done end of January and now have sinus infection again. I thought after surgery I wouldn't get these anymore! Isn't 3 months enough time to heal? Went to family doc yesterday, back on Avalox and Prendisone again. Going back to ENT who did surgery tomorrow. What should I have him do, or is there anything he can do?
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The ENT probably performed another sinus CT scan to see if the sinuses have cleared up or are still blocked.  It is not so uncommon to see this type of response following sinus surgery.  The swelling persists and then a sinus infection follows.  If is frustrating and sometimes needs more time and treatment and other times needs to be repeated.
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Have him culture the nasopharyngeal area (wire swab, not cotton) in your throat. Correct specimen should be taken with head tilted back through your nose. Not particularly comfortable, but avoids skin flora in your nostrils. Docs seem to like to treat empirically (without culturing) and give broad spectrum stuff.  

Obviously that won't get into your sinuses per se, as they are enclosed in bone, but it may give him an idea of what's dripping down in the back. It may not be possible to culture, given the condition of your sinuses, but it won't hurt to ask.

What you can do it make SURE you take ALL of any antibiotic prescription you are given. If you **** out mid-cycle, you've only killed off the sensitive bugs, and the more resistant ones will multiply and settle in for the long haul. Respiratory pathogens are becoming much more resistant than they used to be -we see it all the time in the lab on a daily basis.

If you are uncomfortable be persistent. From reading other sinus threads on different forums (and this one) it seems as if it takes a squeaky wheel sometimes to get results. Don't whine - just quietly insist.

If you are presented with infections that just won't resolve, and there is nothing that can surgically be done, ask for a referral to an infectious disease doctor. They deal with antibiotics/resistant bugs on a daily basis.

Good luck.
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I got a sinus infection (Staph. & Pseudomonis) when I had my teeth cleaned in 1987....resulting in 15 surgeries, I.V. med. about ever 8 wks. 2003 had IV's (home)for six months; '04 one yr. solid.  Would like information re:complete sinus obliteration
& if it has to be done can plastic surgery repair the damage to my face.  Also need info re:"Mushroom Catheter/w.Stent" for drainage which was the last surgery done on me Nov. 14,2004 followed with continued I.V. med. until the medication almost killed me.  I have had multiple bacterial pneumonia, last Oct. 21,'04 and severe allergies with allergic asthma all my 67yrs. of life.......gets pretty cruddy living like this. On anti-gen therapy (allergy shots).  My Dr.s become frustrated, they are supposed to cure or at least make their pts. feel better and the minute they see me back they kind of cringe.....but being a nurse
they know I understand I am unusual.  Not a common nor easy pt. Please send info on the above proceedures.  I also have Pernicious Aenemia.  Thank you!!L
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To get your questions answered by a nurse at National Jewish you will have to post it separately.   Have you ever been on antifungals?  It is possible that you have a fungal infection now that you've been on so many antibitoics.
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