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I have pulmonary sarcoidosis, manifested by coughing with accompanying shortness of breath, tiredness, sore throat, and runny nose. My main questions are:
1. Are there alternative treatments other than traditional medicines?
2. I'm not sure what triggers the coughing spells. Could aerobic exercise and playing the harmonic initiate the cough?
3. Other than prednisone and the other usual medications, how can I control the coughing?
4. I have allergies and also live in Louisville, KY which is notorious for pulmonary problems. Can allergies and/mold exacerbate the sarcoidosis effects?
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ask your doctor or respitory therapist for a peek flow meter if you dont already have one it excercises the lungs,,,I would think playing any wind instrument may strain you, however its probably good exercise,,,Your right lung has 3 lobes and left lung has 2  most people only breathe with top lobes,,,try to make it a habit to belly breathe deep into the bottom lobes so your diaphram expands.

You may want to consider a chiropractor, Im not usually a big fan of them however if they could crak your back and manipulate your boady to break up some of the hardening of tissues ( thats what the sarcodiosis is for readers who dont know) it would be a good thing ,,Id think a theraputic deep tissue masssage would benifit too,,,and ya know how great those feel
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Hi Marvino,

I'm looking into an alternative curative treatment myself for Sarciodosis, called the Marshall Protocol. It's based on the premise that Sarcoidosis is an infection of Cell Wall Deficient bacteria, parasitizing immune cells. Trevor Marshall who treated his own Sarcoidosis with his own Protocol, has found that these pathogens have developed a way to primarily infect macrophages, the cells that are suppose to devour, and destroy pathogens not become infected by them. It's a lot of information to read about, but if your more interested look in my journal on my profile page, I have a lot of the links about it in there. Also feel free to send me a Private Message anytime if you want to discuss Sarcoid or the Protocol further. I haven't actually started the Protocol yet, I'm still trying to get it prescribed, but I believe it's the best option out there right now to cure the illness. Also if you check out this link you can read success stories of patients already on the Protocol:


I have Sarc in the lungs also, I have a lot of chest discomfort, and some shortness of breath, but I don't actually cough that much, yet anyways. Mine is fairly systemic, besides the lungs, but I know the only conventional treatment, Prednisone, isn't going to cure anything it will only provide symptom relief, and I believe it will actually make the illness worse in the long run. Take care, and feel free to send me a PM anytime if you wish.
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