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Shortness of Breath & Slight Headache while jogging

I am 31 years old male, 5'9" & 194 lbs. Have been a smoker for last 12 years & have recently quit smoking since last 6 months. Recently about a month back, I was diagnosed with HIGH BP & my BP was around 152/100. The doctor has advised to start medication and reduce weight. Currently I am on Homeopathic Treatment and am going for morning Brisk Walks & slight jog for 30 minutes since last 3 weeks.

I am experiencing severe shortness of breath and a very slight headache / dizziness immediately after i start running. Only after 25 meters of slight jogging I am experiencing shortness of breath. Could someone tell me how to cure this (whether thru YOGA or medications) and is there anything to worry about this condition? It would be a great help.

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Hi, if you are a smoker and have developed long standing lung infections/inflammation it can compromise your lung function. Breathlessness on exertion could be due to the decreased lung function. To improve lung function practice breathing exercises and quit smoking. Lung function tests could further help in evaluation. If the symptoms are getting worse or if you develop additional symptoms please consult your primary care physician. Regards.
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